Previously United Kingdom media has reported

November 12 [Tue], 2013, 15:37
Previously United Kingdom media has reported, and played for the La Liga Giants Barcelona's Argentina man nike air max thea uk Mei Xicheng Regal acquisition target for Manchester City and Chelsea both, while Manchester City even in the locker room ball wardrobe ready for King. 26 years old, Messi Golden Ball four Zhuangzi is a native of Argentina who he would join Barcelona youth camp lamaxiya, his kicking is the most pure Spain football. Able to introduce such a positive when playing football top star of the year, not only will greatly enhance the city's competitive level, globalization policies better able to run the Club, Manchester City boss, of course, music is not bad money unknowingly.
On November 11 in Japan held in Narita city, Chiba District of the New Jersey Conference, this Conference showed the Japan team Brazil World Cup Jersey worn by the model. As far tengbaoren the national team to compete overseas, persimmon and Gu Yao long, who, dressed in new uniforms showed up at the press conference scene. New Jersey remained a dark blue-tone round in the circle for the idea, in the back with a brush stroke on the red line. Connect two shoulder out of the red line, and the red line is the same as for the previous version to the front design, meaning the end. Symbolizes the team into a circle, can be turned into a big circle. Uniforms in this than in the South Africa World Cup compared to the version known as the light in the history of, and a weight of 7% weight.
Low ball pass rate, low success rate, means Barca left many useless to foot, cross, taking the more direct and concise. Barca's 4 goals, 3 shadows of fighting back. Especially Pedro's 37th-minute goal, is a masterpiece of fighting back. Betis lifting the ball into the restricted Baltra backcourt ball out of trouble, Pedro run 50 meters, and neimaer, small law form a 3-0, from the ball out to score, the whole process is nearly 90 m counter-attack routes in Barcelona, 10 seconds to complete! Real cheap air max thea Madrid Mourinho era, is regarded as "the usain bolt team", but Barca play the counterattack, so sharp.

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