What Are the Reasons of Computer Lock Up and Slow Start?

April 04 [Fri], 2014, 4:49
One of the irritating points is when a computer takes long to start and one runs out of patience. When a computer gets locked up, it's next to getting embarrassed in public. It can happen to the best of us. There are many reasons why it does there are different ways of solving it. This article will explain lock up and why a computer takes so long to start.

A lock up obviously happens when a computer stops dead and it does not respond by using the keyboard and the mouse. Even if Control-Alt-Delete is pressed, nothing happens. The PC can be unlocked by turning it off for a few seconds and switching it back on.

A computer will not have any trouble starting when it is new. The usual loading time happens in seconds unless in case of an old computer model. Computers generally start to slow down after nearly ten months of purchase.

Some common causes of computer lock-up are windows 95/98 instability, computer losing memory, software incompatibility and of course viruses. Besides these common ones, there are a dozen reasons why PCs gets locked up.

For avoiding slow start up, it should be kept in mind that some programs allow the user to shut off application in the Options box. It can be found in Options or Preferences when a program's Tools or File menu is clicked. To save oneself from the inconvenience, some useful tips can be followed like having a back up, deleting files that are no longer needed, scanning for viruses and spyware and unloading the Startup folder. If the Start Up items need to be disabled that get in the way, they can be deleted by going to the Start menu and finding the Programs/Start up that are not needed.

Obvious changes can be noticed in the system if these basic if one acts on these tips. If the computer remains slow even after that, the only way to upgrade its memory is buy a new RAM.

Common kinds of lock up are generally; User settings, that includes Windows registry, security and network connections. Blue Screen of Death, that is a blue screen and weird numbers that are see just before the computer crashes. A hang before the Windows Logo, that happens if nothing comes up even when the PC is on. Lastly, Faulty Operating System, that happens when the user don't see "Operating System Not Found" on the screen which only mean one thing that the hard disk has lost it.

The computer has to be scanned to get rid of viruses and spywares, the system can also be run in safe mode to know the problem. A light nature problem will be hopefully solved but if the basic tips are of no help then it is better to get a professional help.Links:
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