Dalian aerbin fighting people

May 11 [Sat], 2013, 12:42
Dalian aerbin fighting people in Guizhou province and, apart from Keita and Misimovic core duel,, Yu Hanchao, Yu Dabao, sea and Qu Bo four international team player's wits are the sidewalks were wonderful. End at Tai Po and Qu Bo has made goal. Aerbin around sidewalk is Yu Hanchao and Tai Po, and sea Guizhou and midfielder Qu Bo, the four are international. In the game, at Tai Po for aerbin On the scoreboard, in Guizhou province and into the early tie for Qu Bo scored. After the game, Li Ming reviews the performance of three in name players: "basic play of the three players are nike blazer sb leopard good, but Yu Hanchao has just recovered from injury, has not been restored, and will take some time. Both players played very well. ”
This game, was seen as ultra is currently the strongest, the most expensive and biggest two midfield duel between the foreign aid, many media before the game to throw a "who is stronger" topic. This Missy answers look very professional. "This was a game between us and the Dalian aerbin, not a contest between me and Keita. Football is a team sport, by virtue of her teammates and the collective, not Keita or me. Has won the game is the best. Keita, Missy said his impression has been left to him after the game and do not want to talk too much, "Keita, okay, are you going to ask him, I don't know.
After 33 minutes, Davis Polk nike blazer high vintage sale front right continuous breakthroughs in kicking action behind Yang Yun, referee showed a picture gets. After 37 minutes, restricted frontiers Guangzhou won the excellent free kick opportunities, Raphael take the kick direct hard shot, the ball pops up on the wall does not make so many threats. The 39 minute, Yakubu ayegbeni cannot be persisted, Fallas has to end up with Zhang Shuo replaced Yakubu ayegbeni. 41 minute, Rafael front right breakthrough in succession over defense, unfortunately, handling the ball a bit foul behind the action alone. 42 minutes, Beijing Guoan Beck orchestrated attack, Sloan Gets the ball out of Defense suddenly long shots, the ball struck column. Half the game, temporarily 0:0 Guangzhou Beijing Guoan.

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