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October 29 [Mon], 2012, 12:31
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 225th chapter rack one Mu-sen Lin sneer: there is no use Canada Goose Banff Clearance,you don know ? He made up his mind ,not to let the guy storm leaves Gotham speed is not slow ,defense is not known, but the sword send a sword light body ,not weak go .
This guy attacked, just from the blow ,seckill anemia game player without pressure and Mu-sen Lin ,see all his clothes by adding way and almost systemic method of equipment will know .
.. ... If not crossing robbery after attributes increased support ,estimated that he now lives than those who practiced Magic game player will weak .So ,this guy attack can give him a deadly threat to the gang are resident within, is not conducive to Mu-sen Lin place to play .
A resident is a building ,building to play speed is a little difficult .After all he is with a crossbow attack ,it must maintain a certain distance in order to maximize the effect .This leaves no war, is the sword sends people .
.. ... This thing can be said to flying ,and are flexible ,attack .The small range of the battle, really a bit rough Mu-sen Lin .However Nike Air Max 91 Shoes,Mu-sen Lin are the people? First through the master ah and taken on a month to brush strange leveling process, Mu-sen Lin this moving in a small range of technology ,can be said to be the perfection in one .
.. ... In the resident within Mu-sen Lin Gang ,flying close to the ground ,bypassing the leaves no war attack ,various skills alternating threw the past .The peacock limited leaves Gotham mobile ,Hannah storm Ye Wushang will be forced back, falling star effect are also Ye Wushang body bangs Guanghua chaos flash .
.. ... Ye Wushang can be seen as rivals Mu-sen Lin ,nature also is not normal role .The South China Sea to the speed and the phantom sword ,sword in the air as the number ,divided into different angles to stab Mu-sen Lin .
While Mu-sen Lin a glance ,can always find a phantom ,and then the hard way ... ... The phantom was slightly hurt ,but not a threat .In addition to the Jianying ,leaves me most is ,oneself also can divide .
Although the game setting ,this one is fast moving out of the mirage ,but in the confusing this angle is quite powerful .Mu-sen Lin several times nearly a tract ,direct towards the body and rushed over ,the results were almost leaves Gotham sword through ,through hard practice flight quickness that forced to escape ,and was out of the cold sweat .
Of course, leaves no war also not better where to go .Thought I South sword sends fencing can certainly take this pine Indus ,in such a small place ,apparently their dominance ,but this guy is a mouse ,this little place also can get and how dare he occasionally in the organs of Eagle above a one hundred and eighty degree turn ,suddenly turned to face to own a crossbow to say normal attack and even their resistance ,hard look is not No Kensington Parka.
Key to this guy, also in a sneaky way to organs of the authority arrow arrow lock ,just be seconds away ,or opened his own ultimate moment only escaped death .One skill is not unlimited use, now has a cooling time .
But you have a large can remove all skills cooling time ,but this trick is used also let yourself feel bad about the ... ... Mu-sen Lin knew that must be take to abuse ,he managed to get a the true solution ,it gives a lift cooling time skills ,but can only lift one guy skills dare cooling of all skills your sister this skill should give me only to make a long story short ,two individuals belong to who also how who can .
Mu-sen Lin depressed ,leaves no war is more depressed .If Lin Musen is in the running to put authority Mantis harassing him ,oneself ?Instead of facing the people would not attack but leaves no war sword really sharp, is at least a Mu-sen Lin see first .
Before he is not and crossing robbery master played before ,but never see anyone fencing can be so tough .The South China Sea sword fencing sword hand sent into several phantoms, which leaves no shame to attack while there will always be at least a sword angle so that he could not fight back ,only desperately dodge .
If the sword is the entity is just, but a lot of the time it is just an illusion is an illusion was left flash right jump ,Mu-sen Lin nature is very bad .So his counterattack also extremely violent ,various shooting for changing the pattern of throwing out ,otherwise it is the peacock with Hannah storm ,otherwise it is pear storm with meteor trails ,or falling star effect with the peacock .
.. ... It is no shame leaves the same speed is fast enough ,it was blown to white light .At the same time ,not without other Dragon Court game player coming out of it, but they are unable to join the two battle .
Although they are intended to help leaves no war against Mu-sen Lin ,but two the individual speed is too fast ,one not careful can easily have the incident occurred ... ... Ye Wushang quickly shouted : don come in the gang Hayashiki Mori not a threat, but to him it will make a great difference .
To escape the attack ,his attack when we must be careful not to hurt them ,be bound hands and feet ,have no way to Mu-sen Lin and threat .This a long time ,maybe it was people kill Mu-sen Lin is completely ignore these .
It is killed, dare to be unforgiven was dropped several people ,Dragon Pavilion people know no longer close, I hid away .However ,Mu-sen Lin had no intention of letting go of their .
The leaves of the war, he began to dodge, and the focus attack ,is around these people around a gang war dragon court game player was too general turmoil ,soon .Ye Wushang to see this kind of situation can only sigh ,you will not go to blame me, I now have no way to help you but ,although the leaves no war now how not Mu-sen Lin ,but did not affect his plans .
Although two people here you after I escaped ,but actually leaves Gotham are naturally or half unconsciously blocking in gang core stone tablet that direction .As long as in the next ten minutes ,do not let Mu-sen Lin to destroy this monument ,they won a Mu-sen Lin also appears to be trying to stone there ,but always stopped back .
Played two ,Mu-sen Lin suddenly furious . Your sister ,such a small place are playing not readily able to go outside to play with me said, Mu-sen Lin side several skills forced back lobe without shame ,he turned toward the gang resident outside rushed out .
Ye Wushang is very happy .This guy lost his mind to go out to play ?Well, even if there is no Gang defense facilities help, I won let you into the gang resident there so long as to time ,the victory will certainly belong to side without demur ,leaves no war with a Mu-sen Lin behind, toward the gang resident outside rush .
The gang resident outside right now there are dozens of Dragon Court game player ,is because of the fear of being injured fleeing ... ... See two men after a previous punch out dozens of game player ,consult ,far in the past .
Inside local small delay ,outside such a big place ,they can help you fight Dragon Court game player wanted are all very well ,but they obviously underestimated the fighting capacity of Mu-sen Lin .
Lin Musen was flying to flee, while various skills everywhere .Advanced skills go far beyond ordinary basic skills ,peacock and Hannah storm ,all full of threats .But the strange thing is ,he didn anyone, so a big dragon court game player will follow him .
.. ... Of course ,speed is completely out of two individuals they fully built ,not a threat to Mu-sen Lin .Ye Wushang follows behind Mu-sen Lin ,played to the best of the South China Sea .
I saw the sky numerous Jianying four swirling around Mu-sen Lin ,chopped thorns .While Mu-sen Lin mobile is more as avoid dangers untraceable ,even by the sword image cannot be Mu-sen Lin limited .
Lin Musen in attack around the game player at the same time ,also did not give up the attack leaves no war .Now resident in the gang inside ,his flight no limit .So he created a back on the flight and a pair of side flying played most incisive ,in front of the flight does not affect his attack .
Ye Wushang at the back pour out one ,this fuck an ink organs soldiers too sick Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka, had been able to reverse this gadget is Zhang Guolao riding donkey ?This time, suddenly saw a flock of Mu-sen Lin Gang channel again exclaimed: Manger-lying then eerily quiet down .
Just Mu-sen Lin Gang channel is always open ,but he did not go to pay attention to .After all the game to make the game player for the auditory illusion, so only one channel can be directly heard voices ,others are writing tips .
This is the Gang Gang channel scraper brush too neatly ,that his attention turned to .Spent a long time, the gang again noisy channel : how his to a the death of more integral has lagged behind too much may not overtake .
this group of small club where I can get this metamorphosis ?Three . you ,how to do ? The gang channel to all sorts of gossip ,but Heaven Sword and did not sound .But these people from the performance ,also can see Mu-sen Lin ,it was cloudy that what the jade ?These small gang had three top two just used, let four help alliance integral over the universe temple .
And now ,just to see the universe of hope ,the results of all of a sudden ,also died and more than one thousand people left a few minutes ,it may still be super back ?The gang channel there world sword has not speak, looks like being nervous and other high officials to discuss what .
But this and Mu-sen Lin doesn he had tried his best .And. Things may not be so over look leaves without war there have been news ,hang on the face on the proud smile . Pine Indus ,how, the gang warfare ,or we win your attack plan ,all without success .
Mu-sen Lin hang a too profound to be understood smile : Oh ?What do you think of that ? See Mu-sen Lin smile ,leaves no war have a bad feeling about this . What do you expect? Only a few minutes ,you are resident outside gang .
Want to enter the gang resident is tantamount to fool dream ... ... Why all of a sudden ,leaves no war changed colour .Lin Musen saw his performance ,immediately turned toward the gang resident there rushed past .
Ye Wushang immediately reaction over, trusted in themselves that they were war cabinet members wanted to catch the Mu-sen Lin Gang before into resident .But all of a sudden ,Mu-sen Lin build flash ,suddenly appeared in front of him .
Do not think that only you can flash to flash . this damn family skills Mu-sen Lin early looked uncomfortable .His shirt was retired, or have their own skills while not his alter ego more .
.. ... But their reentry surgery the reentry point Mu-sen Lin had made ,not to rush to a resident ,but stopped in the leaves of death in front of peacock a fan bolt immediately will leaves Gotham wrapped in among them, and leaves no war had been under can be avoid .
After the split ,followed by a meteor trails off to the nearest two split, results of two split immediately disappear .Mu-sen Lin moment not idle, organ Mantis at a doppelganger ,himself is pear storm at another .
A total of four copies ,all be Mu-sen Lin to attack .Leaves no war but saw ,he was organ Mantis chasing down ,pinched .All disappear . Want to go ?Ask me happy now , turn Mu-sen Lin .
Ye Wushang changed colour of the reason is very simple, because the system Tip: you Gang Gang core is being attacked and Indus here, the gang core would be how to attack ?A moment that leaves no war thought ,the pine Indus associates so he wants to rush back to stop his associates ,but the results were taken two Mu-sen Lin personal strength is very strange ,everyone has their own good at each other ,with no problem ,want to kill each other just need a little time and fortune .
So now he nagged Mu-sen Lin couldn ,now himself to eat the bitter fruit .Ye Wushang out ,all strokes are put out .Once again lifting the cooling time ,split four ,each one side winding with the sword ,and towards a Mu-sen Lin came flying body sword syncretic, combat process, leaves no war has not used this skill .
The South China Sea sword sends body sword syncretic no white sword sends so powerful ,totally not head-on .The South China Sea sword sends body sword syncretic and their swordsmanship ,to confuse the enemy for the first .
Four shadows around have the sword ,each to look like real leaves no war in bet, bet Mu-sen Lin couldn body .The South China Sea sword sends body sword syncretic although not as white sword faction that time invincible ,but the damage is always there .
Even if he is not their range of attack ,then he could see the seckill Mu-sen Lin threw out a bunch of organs will be at sixes and sevens ,in front of him to a resident entrance direction all blocked .
Can you ,a blocking you can always ? Mu-sen Lin now look ,to see how people hate a fist .Ye Wushang was out of breath .So mean .While attacking ,but weakly almost equivalent to no ,want to break down these organs is simply impossible .
While his work certainly regarded these organs as nothing, but inevitably exposed ... ... A chance to reflect on, leaves no war suddenly broke through the organs of the blockade .Then he found ,a huge network hit .
.. ... Of course, leaves no war finally broke the net ,but he was too late into the gang resident .Then he looked at each other laugh at her : t worry ,I won kill you .Here you will kill you in the gang resident in the resurrection .
.. ... When my friend can withstand is really a bad ... ... Leaves no war suddenly understand ,why is this guy can kill .Kill everyone will be flushed to the gang resident there ,apparently on the inside is destroying the gang core Companion to hinder .
And now he put all the people will block in resident outside gang ... ... That he is what thing in no way in this guy stopped all right , can stop all Mu-sen Lin .Although he stopped in front of leaves without war ,but the war dragon court protection facilities outside gang .
There is a station to have a death wish ,gang prevention facilities attack can not joking .Ye Wushang was stopped ,but the other game player can not ah them from the next defense facilities within the gang was rushed into the gang resident ,no pressure other game player see light suddenly ,straight toward the entrance rushed past .
But Mu-sen Lin appears to be looked at the message Northface Women's Bionic Jackets,and then says with a laugh : Hey ,too late . Indeed ,after a few seconds ,the system prompts :Dragon Pavilion Gang resident is breached, four for union gang war defeat, the gang war ended ,winner for the universe temple system prompt appears ,then Temple Gang channel first is a strange calm down, and then come unexpectedly cheers .
Fortunately Mu-sen Lin shielding Gang channel voice ,or perhaps the ears will be deaf .The gang channel constantly spam: lying down ,how to win ? The Dragon Pavilion Gang resident is breached ,great .
fuck the four rack one help union finally lost ,you have to estimate the gas hematemesis ,ha ha ha Heaven Sword also did not appear ,estimation is the surprise to get lost .But as he gets more tips should master some ,who at least had breached the other gang resident always want to know .
Crystal glass ,but this Gang warehouse hey hey hey ,gang warehouse is mine ... ... Leaves Gotham brother ,now you want ,but it will not give you the leaves no war at Mu-sen Lin ,his face seemed to hang any sneer : Hey ,do you think you can do it ,sacking warehouses ? Lin Musen puzzled to see him : I a resident here ,from the warehouse .
What I can details recently ? Ye Wushang laughed at face worse : you think it reasonable ?The gang war ended, the winning side of anyone can details of other warehouse ?If ordinary help the looting done will not things to do? But ,how do you go to ?Do you know where the gang warehouse ?Help people will just see you looted the warehouse completely indifferent ? After listening to these ,Mu-sen Lin turned ashen .
The system prompts :Qiankun temple in the gang war victory ,now by the master sword on the other side of heaven and earth and ransacked gang warehouse ... ... ... ... Your sister ah -- -- -- -- today is not what to say .
.. ... Thus, rich holds a money ,no money to start with individual field ,landing hits ,cast a recommended votes ... ... Next week I want to classify week ... ... The 225th chapter
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