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October 28 [Sun], 2012, 16:59

> ('up very familiar people into the teahouse first thought is our acquaintances, but closer look only to find the wrong person. but directly to us at the store to buy milk tea drink. felt strange. clearly teahouse into the certainly have tea drink, but still want to buy out the tea. was just bored okay, careful observation of the teahouse, I did not expect to see of the more I was wrong. a dress that does not work from the morning, we waited here previously also seeking a few people take us, but no one is willing to talk to us only uncle. up this world, a lot of things are very dangerous. too curious to easily roll you into trouble. studying abroad, so to speak may be relatively straightforward. with Shuanger over but passed because some time ago some artifact True Lies Light give the Xu Ruoruo and Shuanger. both in adapting to the new power. Shuanger also of little help because the last battle, and the recent strength craving more serious. now continue to adapt to the new force. and Xu Ruoruo, an increase of almost multiple artifact of the increase, to bring food dreamer. Xu Ruoruo this general Warrior. increase is thirty-four% 10 like the adaptation time naturally, is slightly longer in fact, now have one of the artifact components in Trevor Nunn has manufacturing food dreamer. use of the power of the artifact, so that an ordinary person to fully absorb the force of a True Lies will be able to create a dream awakening. different according to their qualifications, manufactured dreams awakening is likely to be food dreamer but the power of the artifact after all, is the external force, once the artifact to be won, and the result will be like the Wu family, 10 years of power once destroyed all made fresh by artifact dreamer and rely strong the Artifact increase blessing will instantly return to the status quo ante. recovered. the Trevor Nunn gently pushed the door to the end of the corridor. to go you know. This is an enormous broad space for the sky is the sky blue, there is no trace of white clouds, bright light does not know where that comes out,Canada Goose Freestyle Outlet Sale. do not see any lighting measures around was bright as day. distant at a glance not to the end of the busy streets, like checkerboard criss-cross the dense crowd shuttle. much silver high-rise stands. trio walked out the door, the place where a high platform left down the stone staircase step. They quickly to keep up the stone stairs below, guarding some people dressed as hawkers. trio look to these people on the smiles came up. two! you will need them. leaving only the hawkers that was left. actually necessary to a thousand!!?? This is what heaven! Trevor Nunn nodded: about five thousand, the common currency of the regional currency is denominated in euros. thousand euro to more than eight thousand yuan, the euro as the currency of the currency issued in 2002,Canada Goose Chilliwack, can be so fast market finds, presumably behind where the world forces to promote world as the pricing currency to the euro or not even where Trevor Nunn to come up with their own bank card that hawkers come up with a small wrist swipe machine bank card on top of a brush, in the credit card machine keypad input eight thousand whole numbers courtesy of patronage, they charge you an integer. $ 80!!! yes not one thousand yuan, which is one thousand euros. released hawkers not angry, Xiaohe said Pacific Exchange? You can only stay here for 20 minutes. otherwise be great harm to the body. and ants, believe it will be squeezed to die. between short knifed in front of the hands of another person's pistol. bang! gunshot sound frustrated, the gunmen down in a pool of blood, seeing is not live. left directly after the the broadsword faint Road. the emergency came several black dress gave him a list. then some cleaning up personnel lift a corpse, began to clean up the blood stains. weeks of pedestrians surprising seems to kill just an ordinary small. Shujing Chen and Shu Jinghui swallow mouth saliva. pale. Hawker face calm Road. a fine sweat. forward to the figure of the two, in fact, the reason he took the two men came in, except open with for, there is the two men who seem to have the slightest familiar atmosphere. never do meaningless things. the small morning. laugh is heard flying into Shujing Chen in the hands did not hurt little skin. Shujing Chen looked back Trevor Nunn a respectful bow. turned and quickly catch up with the front of the brother they opened the door to go directly into. you took a fancy to the little girls what? Nothing,Canada Goose Aosta Bomber Jacket. how to do? alarm you? good airway. ,North Face Women's Boots Sale? Shu Jinghui helpless sighed. , the trot to keep up with his brother two figure in the hallway slowly submerged in the dark do not know why and Shujing Chen mind suddenly emerge out that Uncle just smiling face. , they seem to contain some kind of meaning. (to be continued). more to address <

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