Qin Wei very uncomfortable

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 9:47
> 557 document (s): revenge Qin Wei Queen] 557 document (s): [retaliation Qin Wei Empress] God created the Virgin Oriental Yong want to say, he created women but God saw Oriental Yong transformed his Virgin, so to create a red satin knot, stopped the Oriental Yong create women road ...... these words are not rational? To his ** Oriental Yong wanted to growled said, Who can say rational, when his son-in-law of life is the most depressing thing is to enjoy a happy, isolated network so Oriental Yong depressed, Binger depressed, she regretted how Wei child sister heard it, tied the knot of the red damask, not only the husband is having a hard time, she emotionally also not met, also having a hard time now to think of it, just Wei child sister how they are not tied to it? The Binger depressed East to West, the East Yong directly the idea turned into action his efforts to end solution looking for a long time, find the knot at the neck of the Binger local line start to the solution below. www. QUanbeN. Com spent a good while Jin Oriental stand Yong, this solution is less than the peak of the chest, if you want solution to below her place, that when ah, that time not only to rise up peasant brothers has been repression, groaning should be bright, golden opportunity missed Oriental Yong suddenly a flash, stupid ah, why must unlock it, cut not on the Oriental courage to get out of bed and fetch scissors, Binger see , looked innocent Oriental Yong, said: "Master, Wei child sister said that this is one of her magic weapon, cut open" Oriental Yong togethers, not really dare Wei children under the Boyd nothing and get the scissors tried it, and sure enough, cut to open Oriental Yong unbelievers, pulled out his Shanker, Binger looked scared, warble told: "Master, you have to be careful a little bit O gleaming Shanker, and Binger rosy white skin formed a black and white contrast, this moment, the Binger and Eastern Yong became Beauty and the Beast with "No, you will do well, I am a professional, absolutely safe said "Oriental Yong. Shanker trying to pick open red damask, discovered that there was constantly pick what materials are red damask, not even Shanker also get constantly too scary toss for a moment, Oriental Yong forehead see Khan, but still could not get dizzy, Is this evening to be depressed until dawn!? Oriental Yong Shanker sideways fling breath, lay down next to the Binger. The Binger apologetically said: "Master, I'm sorry ......" "......" Oriental Yong. "Otherwise, I went to Wei child sister untied ..." Binger said. Oriental Yong thought to sleep, to go through the consent of the wife and mistress, that no face, his breath, said: "No ......" Suddenly, Oriental Yong mind a flash, "do not Master? "Binger asked. Oriental Yong sat up, looking at Binger Hey smile, sensory hairs should stand in Binger, Oriental Yong countersunk, the red damask Lalacheche Binger body and are concentrated below her stomach, thigh above. The Master ...... Binger strange. "Wait a minute, wait on it," sound Oriental Yong from the following pass up. After a while, Binger feel her red satin tied to the innermost small Oriental Yong pull, which makes Binger surprised, that's tied to the innermost pull first, followed by The further widening loose After a while, Oriental Yong went to the ground, took out the scissors, and then the Binger heard below the sound of the cut strips of cloth "Master,Jordan UK sale, what you do?" Binger asked. Oriental Yong laugh, and fling the hands of scissors, Block paste it into the hole inside the cut meat tenderizer. "Binger exclamation, her Fairy Cave Oriental Yong covered his" so that you can "Oriental Yong laughed. "This is ...... how can young master ..." Binger Chen Dao, more shame ah ha ha ...... "Oriental Yong laughed,Nike Jordan 14 Sale, he rushed up, and soon put to the summary execution of a Binger taste, red Aya Shengbang the play live, Oriental the Yong cool to the bones. Have been depressed, as if to accumulate forces in general, this time all of the index, followed by Fan several times Binger feel a strong Oriental Yong, feeling little body like a storm the precarious boat in the sea of ​​general after the storms, the Binger systemic collapse, like to cut off the gas, they rain last action body lying on the Orient Yong, Oriental Yong insisted her on top, this time the East Yong electric motor power, and support for her on the soft mud fell down. Her mouth en en it from time to time to the outgoing one or two sound, Oriental Yong barely cobble together her words, they would understand the meaning: "Master, I harm done to the" Oriental Yong smile, tonight is really a memorable, happy night this time, the door crunching loudly Oriental Yong stay for, and this time, as well as who is going to do? "The Binger ......" Qin Wei sound up. "Wei children." Oriental Yong cried. Qin Wei came in, the Oriental Yong smiled softly. Oriental Yong saw her smile a little, get her to start Oriental Yong depressed do not have, the back gave Oriental Yong happy, really hate and love a woman, Qin Wei, see Binger body red damask even still, could not help surprised a moment, see the posture of the two, is clearly not yet separated, that is to say they do not have to do that to unlock the red damask, Qin Wei Jing "You ......" Qin Wei asked in surprise. Yong Oriental snappily hum loudly, Binger lie down on the bed, part of his body with the leave Binger, then up toward the Qin Wei, suddenly picked her live, snappily said: "You small woman, how so much thought, ah, just in order to untie that knot, the harm done to me, "Qin Wei asked:" how do you get the red damask not did not unlock it? "smile Oriental Yong,Nike Air Jordan 4, holding Qin Wei turned to let her go to the Binger. Qin Wei, a look surprised mouth fell open, and this time she had promised, the man most wanted, what can be thought out, fail to do anything "is not intentionally do so, and then embarrassed temperature charge? "Oriental Yong asked. This is rhetorical. Qin Wei nod. "Your sister is not a lot of you, how you hath temperature charge vinegar friends? "Qin Wei said:" to Nanshan, that few of us live quite good, sudden temperature Dutch come in, some children uncomfortable, so wanted to and she do children trick Oriental Yong asked. "You are jealous of Oriental Yong laughed. Qin Wei, her mouth pursed, did not speak! Oriental Yong lend a big slap in the face, hit the Qin Wei ass on lovemaking to the three, said:" You this is wrong, so the family laws serve "to Qin Wei hissing filled with hurt another room ... this time, temperature and load hear three hand side sound very familiar, know what is, are not touched touch their total hip the East Yong expert law, why he expert method, temperature-Dutch heart Ming, the reigning a warm East, Fang Yonghu with a straight face, said: "this is not enough, you have to eat more on the first-class home The Law "Qin Wei suffered a straight face, poor installation asked:" What Disciplines ah? "Oriental Yong bad laughed:" You used the red damask tied to the same body "? "Do not hurry up? "Qin Wei to see East Fang Yonghu, with a straight face, had to reluctantly do not know where to come up with a red satin clothes off, until only a small time, they begin to tie red Aya, in their out of reach, but also called on the Orient Yong help it. Oriental Yong looked when she tied, it seems very easy way, could not help wonder how the solution is so difficult to do tie, Qin Wei. too far, look to the East Yong, watery eyes, delicate and charming, but under the eyes a hint of curiosity, tied Oriental Yong want to implement what kind of family law? Oriental Yong grin, Qin Wei brought down bed, and then just do a Binger, used in the body of Qin Wei, loose pants red damask, and then use scissors to cut a small pull Qin Wei exclamation Oriental Yong has rushed to embrace the wait until the Qin Wei felt Oriental Yong has entered her body, she finally understand just between Oriental Yong and Binger is how to do that thing However, Binger on the side, Oriental Yong is necessary to do with her husband and wife thing, Qin Wei very uncomfortable, very ashamed, but this time the Oriental Yong, seems all of a sudden so powerful momentum, forces are stronger than the Qin Wei, Ren Qinwei how struggle, this time Qin Wei Zheng Butuo believe, at some point, the man is so powerful Qin Wei felt, to tie red damask, oriental Yong impulse seems more than ever, from her body by the impact strength, you can feel Qin Wei Long as Heaven master of the goods, the physical aspect is very powerful, but to whitish sky Oriental Yong Qin Wei down from him, Qin Wei, or feel very tired and fall asleep quickly the Oriental Yong cāo is labor night , but he any intercourse are used to operation Shuangxiu surgery per cāo must gain, but usually this kind of thing, or will be very tired, but today some children strange how of or jīng God the peace, there is no trace of tired. ? strange, but failed to understand, Oriental Yong'd think there is a woman waiting for him. "Oriental Yong looked at the two tied red damask woman to sleep, Binger is in the rest of the night is not awakened once, she can see how tired he quietly out of the room to charge room temperature. Knocked on the door, inside temperature and charge voice out: "Jon?" The "Oriental Yong Road. Temperature load the sound seems very sleepy look, but not the kind of wake up. . . More to address <
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