body actually boundless stretch

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 10:41
> Monk was the first time after the lower bound and monsters formal fighting, but he was so arrogant rush to complete is to look at another Daimon they have psychic powers under the force's strength. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM resorted token supporter, monk to avoid collision with the front of the monster, but with a twist from the eighteen flags sword up. Monster seems only just practice into a fine little monster, in addition to outside looks a little fierce, totally did not open any of Euro RSCG, see the monks out of the way and it does not crash, do not stop the action, so hard hit eighteen flag sword. Monk laugh, control flags sword, rushed up, everyone thought the monster in the following eighteen with that strange flying objects hit the flesh, when the flag under the sword even brush sounded eighteen piercing sound that will Monster cut into eighteen segments. Suddenly everyone was stunned, shocked monk is a bit big. Is divided into eighteen sections monster does not Flesh, but like the new fusion energy in general has become a monster, but the shape of the original bird on a small circle. Monk quickly move back to the flag swords, swords are found in each root flag streamer around, like eating a panacea Xianyao general, even materials are raised a notch. Monk suddenly understand that this monster is simply a Reiki practice into the Spirit. Flags hook sword is the soul of the soul arrest magic device, such as the monster hit that nature is the time when the attack absorbed monster been practicing Reiki, was an instant temper a lot, grades improved a lot. After shouting monster incarnation, we must turn to escape. Where monks will make this baby run, the moment quickly control flags sword siege played a monster bird. Speed ​​up the monster escape where monks flag sword to the quick, the moment they heard the brush into eighteen chop off. See below Daimon soldiers fled scared of monsters called up, then saw the sky turn monster that eighteen artifacts cut one eighteen, suddenly broke out in a burst of surprise burst of applause. This time the monster become smaller, just a complete fusion on Huangbuzelu Cuantao, the monk is a walk away, instant monster and cut into eighteen segments. The following people see the monster continue to become smaller, suddenly understand some, the moment everyone is rushing monks shouting kill it, kill monsters. Cut the monster ten consecutive times, tens of big monster into a few meters from the serpent, and the flag under the sword in constant temper also become more rapid. Tougher, more powerful. The monster was cut up and integration, the monk ready to cut again when it suddenly heard screaming monster into a mass of scattered light instantly fired the distance. Become so small, can not become even come back atmosphere, the monk is no longer to catch up, Black Mountain circulation flag recovered sword back to the ground. Just a floor, the monk suddenly surrounded by all in a circle, and then in the monk's side constantly praise the monk, the monk will certainly be happy to accept the praise, let them praise the moment standing still. This is a fight once regarded as the most relaxing monk, and the most praise once. Although he did not know anyone besides worship, but looking at the eyes of people around the worship, the monk thought my heart in a good mood: "It appears I have done a decent event." In monk hearts, people admire is event, in the comprehension murder, totally not praise, now that there are both benefits and praise things, the monk is actually very happy. The flag of the sword after this comic temper, I am afraid to go up on the power of big, will also increase the efficiency of Yuan Ying arrested several times. In the monk's strong insistence, worship is no longer blocking the monks to leave, took him to the holy pond where the forest. And told him, this is the Shengxiansenlin, just follow the Holy Spirit had to say keep moving forward on it. Monk also blunt the moment, at the foot of the wind, quickly ran over to the depths of the forest. He'd wanted to see what in the end what the gods so powerful, will own a framed. Great forests, the monk ran dry, then began practicing out from the Daimon force. Firelight now officially come into play, but also had spiritual power of the sea and the Daimon, strength rose, although the old priest did not beat ten-order master, but it is not normal nine-order master can be compared. The last fight with the old priest, is entirely a time he did not find the magic token completely restrained monk, and seasoned simply do not play the greatest strength, just one less person to take care of the other disciples, just put a signal called the senior disciple . Practice all the way down, and Shang Linghai Daimon force in the addition of a lot, but in deed the heart of soul of the constant practice under Daimon force gradually polished up. Daimon just monk never used force, was somewhat confused: "I do not know if the run out of this stuff, is not even a little bit of practice back, if so, where to find so much force increased Daimon stone, comprehension was something I did not. "monk gradually ran into the deepest forest, surrounded by trees plants into a dark green color, the monk slow down, you want to look, but found that there is a matrix of meters away like a red canopy. Monk quickly ran red light before he knew it was a big fuss, if go in can be dangerous. So stopped at the sounding, transported from the abyss of the pupil exploration on the red curtain, to see if there doorways. "The kids, now come here, why not come in, why stay at the door?" Suddenly a voice sounded like rolling thunder, will concentrate on analyzing the red monk startled. "Who? Who are you? You is the Holy Spirit?" Monk backwards Shu Shibu, where the array is called into question, he felt the sound is coming out from the battle inside. "Oh, I was the Holy Spirit, but not the Holy Spirit, but you can into this space, but it is my arrangements." Monk mind thought: "not so simple to know, want to come over that monster but a field pawns, see you before be true, right? "present monk said:" I do not care you are the Holy Spirit, or the saints, I now want to go out, you quickly to help me out. "" You come in, I have something to discuss with you. "monk one , suddenly the hearts of a flash, and said: "Why do not you let me go out, I'm afraid in front of the red light is a lock of your matrix, you get out of it?" Suddenly some amazing voice and said: "So you really see the demon sealed array, I thought you just feel it. "a matrix name, the monk suddenly asked:" sealed demon array? You're a monster? "the voice chuckled and said:" Yes, I is a monster, but it is not a monster, you have to come in, I'll get you out. afraid if I eat you, then whatever you want to leave. "monk one,Oakley Monster Dog Sale, immediately to the gas, but he also knows, Want across space, is impossible, even immortal, nor that ability just across a border. See monk silent, voice and said: "Come in, I'm just so you can help me to do little things, without any harm to you, and you in the human world the things I know, because it means I Crystal Skull eyes, you and that too on Taoist kids say, I have seen. "monk exclaimed:" What? too much on the Taoist little doll? you in the end is who! world practice of the people are respected Taoist's! thou if it is too drastic mouth? "the voice suddenly just laughed and said:" The kids, you have to understand Behind the truth, that Taoist doll on what kind you have no security, so you will soon have gone through hardships on the Gods a community, that is, your death of. "That sounds discourse suddenly let monks shocked, though he did not quite believe, but also know that the world is not so much a good thing,oakley sunglasses store, Diamond cut is the Taoist symbol of magic, even hesitate to given him, even his own hands and gave his soul, which is totally the wrong way. Seem to see the monk Cry uncertain, and that voice again: "You eat in deed those soul immortality to the government, but they are toxic, and have been the soul to the government when the deed, erysipelas attack, some of them by your Lotus slow erysipelas slowing down to go, while others are quietly dive erysipelas your feet. "'heel has a hole in life, there is no way erysipelas hiding where you find that this is the Taoist little doll counsel, and other future fusion you The fertility of the black lotus, flowers and sky gods power, and successfully and on holy Gods circles later, in Taoist doll manipulation erysipelas attack when. "" When the time refining your strength, he could righting body strength, slowly coming into San cents, which, I am afraid that you can not think of it? "Monk panicked and quickly transported from the knowledge cents to his feet, only to find footing place really can not see, the moment he quickly said:" Who are you in the end, you cried ancestral doll, do not you are not holy immortal? you is not there a way to help me lift the erysipelas. "" It appears you have not too benzene, and finally understand it? tell you, I am not holy cents, but it is the first one coming into the holy demon class, you can call me candle Dragon. "" candle Dragon? "Monk I thought, suddenly feeling familiar, but a time to remember. But the monks did not hesitate, he knew if offended candle Dragon, it may be truly finished, candle Dragon so sure to tell your own Taoist conspiracy, surely there is a way to help him. The moment he quickly rushed into the demon sealed within the array, eyes red beneath,Outlet Oakley Lifestyle, he appeared in a very large dark space, and even before there is a big monster, and that monster a look holy temple, the difference is in front This monster is really great too, the whole dragon-shaped body actually boundless stretch. Suddenly in front of candle Dragon suddenly opened his eyes, around the same time actually suddenly light up. It seems to be because he opened his eyes, only to light up the same. Monk shocked unable to speak, tall big monster cents beast he is not heard of, but the culmination of this vast expanse, the monk is never seen, never heard a more even listen. Dragon's eyes shine candle shine as a monk living body, and then faded back, and then he opened his mouth and said: "It seems that you're a live baby." It is the talk booing, the monk so was blown to the ground, even to resist did not have time, so was it when the wind speak a few times even roll. Actually been talking to people out of the wind to blow roll down to the ground, the monk suddenly felt very ashamed, quickly climb up the momentum strong name, shouted: "Who are you in the end? I have been a god, can not know Your first name. "candle Dragon head lifted up, laughed:" I was born in prehistoric before, you do not know my name, but also normal head and you can call me by my real name, candle human resource. "Although just say something like that, it is still getting around whipped up a storm. [] (a wholly novel network <
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