because of an indecent assault attempts

November 10 [Sat], 2012, 14:41
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 842nd Chapter Master -- ?This giant palm is who ?Sin domains with a dragon, with demons ,there is a man !Apparently not su Xia ,also not the dragon ,then this palm master ,can only be Chen feng !Chen Feng will be the Dragon mentioned in front, with a smile : small dragon ,hello .
Normal voice ,from the mouth of Chen Feng said ,they ring which is difficult to describe ,as in edge of atomic bomb ,detonated !For Chen Feng this figure, it is much too strong !Be in at the foot of Chen Feng saw Chen Feng ,namely the use of an astronomical telescope ,can only see the dim outline of about !See Chen Fengzhi !At this time of the dragon ,and then compare with Chen Feng as a small loach !Chen Fengnie was in the hands of ,struggled but could not break away !The situation is not the same !The soul of Chen Feng strength ,has reached an unbelievable !If the peak when the dragon soul strength is ten points, Xia is ten points, before this, Xia engulfed the dragon three is absorbed by the soul energy ,Chen Feng ,finally, Xia and lost their remaining 1/3 ,which is almost three points the soul energy ,also by Chen Fengxi collection !Chen Feng now has six points of spiritual energy ,and the dragon was swallowed up three points, with seven point !Now Chen Feng with almost equal strength dragon !While the difference in with ,Chen Feng is evil field master !Before Xia said, like in the field are not domain owner constraint ,the soul must be in the field strength master more than doubled ,now the dragon soul strength and Chen Feng is equal ,then ,he will suffer Chen Feng constraint !Be equal to anything like mortals meet God General gap !Let me go.
Or I will kill you ! The Dragon struggled ,body wiggle ,but how also can not shake Chen Feng ,and he also found that ,all of your abilities can not have used !Was like being covered in glue ,move all the difficulties !Ha ha ha .
Kill me? Chen Feng looked up laughing ,the ground vibration ,the sky is distorted ! Do you want to kill me? Is the Black Lotus ,is chang !Even if they now appear in the criminal field ,have succumbed to me !Sin domains from only a master !All ,I say ! Chen Feng looked at the Dragon struggling ,heart excited ,this is to control the fate of others feel !This is the control of their own destiny feeling !This is the master of all feeling !In the criminal field ,the Chen Feng ,is the real master !He had long been a large statue of people when the chessmen ,now he can take control of their own destiny !At least in the criminal field, Chen Feng can feel ,now his soul strength ,is the Black Lotus ,is Chang ,came to his sin in the field, he can also take their !And let Chen Feng more exciting ,and the dragon !The Dragon had no fruit ,know oneself is contained ,in this phagocytosis in wrestling ,he was a complete failure !He dare not to put relentless ,had whispered : release me ,I hear you ! Louder Canada Goose Manitoba Sale,I couldn see ! Chen Fengdao was not intentionally embarrass the dragon ,the dragon because of humiliation ,words like pharynx in the throat ,but Chen Feng is too large ,it sounds really can .
Release me Dakota UGG!I will listen to you ! The dragon a rave ,admit it is irritating . Conditions are lure ! Only a short while ago ,powerful large statue will also have such a wimp when !Chen Feng ,I never thought that she will one day bring a large statue of the character of class in the hand !To kill to cut only in his mind !This is the balance of power !This world is not the truth ,who is strong ,becomes the truth !Chen Feng face with a pleasant smile ,fingers ,will play the entrance of the dragon ,the Dragon screams at Chen Feng chew after two ,will cease abruptly ,poor dragon ,because of an indecent assault attempts ,half sealed ,when given the chance ,that final outcome is being swallowed ! Legend ,dragon can wash to King Kong is not bad ,eat the dragon heart can make people live forever and never die ,I swallowed the whole dragon ,this is how? Canada Goose Banff Cheap! The dragon has no independent ,forcing him to when the younger brother ,indeed is a good choice ,but Chen Feng is a better choice !Like right now -- to swallow the dragon !Chen Feng now soul strength has been almost black lotus Chang level ,while the dragon with Chen Feng almost soul energy ,moreover, his belly and no digestive Su summer half soul energy !Swallow him, Chen Feng soul energy direct inflation three times !He now is to possess a dragon and Sue summer soul energy sum !How strong? A quite similar to themselves strong brother is really good ,but always as their strength jumped several times !Now ,Chen Feng alone in the criminal field is not afraid of Black Lotus Chang ,is a sin ,by the soul of strength ,Black Lotus Chang ,is a piece of !Will the Dragon swallowed, the body of Chen Feng once again raises high ,have do not know how to describe, only know that Chen Feng himself before the creation of the earth ,in what is now Chen Feng that just can can can accommodate foot pedal only, before the seemingly boundless sky ,it turned out to be just a pot cover !The remaining places ,the dark ! .
Chen Feng played a finger ring ,the foot pedal earth immediately extends outward ,until the boundless ;its head cover the sky immediately expands continuously, until the inexhaustible !This is ,this is the day !A snap of the fingers, created the heaven and the earth ! Go out later ,I went to play Chang ,and my arrogant brother ,uh ,sold him the brothel to !Oh yeah ,from no brothel !However ,after I set the rules !I said ,you have !Well .
.. ... And my lovely Bodhi master, how to handle him ?Okay ,go out ,we have a family meeting ,under the plan ! Automatic speaking about Chen Feng ,appears to be evil field ancestors ,has become his food uggs for sale!And so it is !When a Soviet summer soul strength ,had better than black lotus ,now with no weaker than Sue the dragon ,the soul of Chen Feng strength ,fear is the direct drive plane God !This is Chen Feng desire is like most of the state ,grasp all, control everything ,everything ! Little Suzi ,where are you ? Chen Feng - with concern ,for Chen Feng, revengeful ,one will also !No matter Su Xia on the previous Chen Feng for what purpose ,but Su Xia Chen Feng is now so powerful ,it is big !Plus Xia has become Chen Feng younger brother ,whose loyalty is without any doubt ,that is absolutely his own people !Concerned about their own people are Chen Feng virtue ,this is also he didn immediately out of sin domains to pull a detonation causes him have a look ,Xia state .
Master ,I under your feet . Xia voices ,directly into the heart of Chen feng .Where are you? I can see you. Chen Fengfu down, staring UGG I Do Collection,how also see a head .Xia is depressed ,he only unusual head size ,relative Chen Feng ,it is a virus on viral atomic atomic !Can see ? Master ,you little said .
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