the abolition of imperial examination system

November 12 [Mon], 2012, 10:42
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultTime into the early twentieth Century ,brutal ,corrupt Qing Dynasty to the land of the notice because of successive years sell sovereignty ,to suppress the people revolt and dropped to the freezing point .
Along with the inclined towards the revolution it was -- what Kofuchi ,Qiu Fengjia and others open atmosphere ,exclude the unreconstructed interference Ultimate UGGs,successfully established a new school since the Qing Dynasty ,under the situation of pressure ,also must undertake a series of reform of education ,first at the end of the 1905 enactment of the new educational system ,the abolition of imperial examination system ,then in the nationwide promotion of new schools ,Western learning has gradually become the main content of the school education ,it is thanks to this ,many hope that through learning advanced foreign system and change the poverty and backwardness of Chinese men and women with high ideals have not broken through the appearance of trying ,trying to jiang .
However ,the decay of the Manchu nobility is not willing to give up their home rule for corruption ,the fully exposed his weakness ,in 1906, the Qing imperial court in order to strengthen an constitutionalism ,that is the majority of its dissatisfaction constitutional party .
In 1908 ,Qing Dynasty this seat already full of water leakage of the ship queen Ci Xi and the emperor died ,only 3 years old Xuantong emperor PuYi ascended the throne ,he Feng Regency shortly after ,to recall the tycoon -- Yuan Shikai ,the following year, before Zhang Zhidong ,Huguang viceroy of Liangjiang ,this is difficult to maintain the Manchu it great ship ,again lost two pillars ,political inexperienced young Regent has gradually lost control of the empire !In 1911 May, the Qing government announced the list of cabinet of Manchu people nine (where seven is the Han nationality ) ,four .
Known as the Royal cabinet . .The constitutional party this greatly disappoint one ,there are few people who participated in the revolutionary party .In order to obtain foreign support ,to maintain its reign ,the Qing government Guangdong ,Sichuan ,Hubei ,Hunan, the business runs railroad as a state ,and then sold to foreign ,Hunan, Hubei ,arouse the Guangdong, Sichuan Provincial People ,lifted paul-campaign .
Movement in Sichuan province especially intense ,all have Paul comrades will be elected ,constitutional party only ,Luo Lun as deputy chairman ,to break one , for the purpose ,the participants are one hundred thousand gauge .
The Qing government ordered a crackdown .On September 7th, governor of Sichuan Zhao Erfeng arrested Luo Lun, Pu Dianjun, Paul comrades will represent, shot hundreds of petitions masses .
The very next day and ordered the dissolution of all Paul comrades will be .Arouse the Sichuan people greater anger ,will be around the wire and destroyed ,along with cards, cut government documents .
The fight for the Sichuan people led by Hubei army sent minister side part of Sichuan repression in Hubei ,resulting in the defense forces weakened ,the revolutionaries in Wuchang launched an uprising .
In September 14, 1911, the literary society and hand in the alliance will drive below, the establishment of a unified rebellion led by authority ,United against the Qing dynasty .In September 24th, two revolutionary groups holds joint meeting, decide the October 6th revolt .
Revolutionary party activities by the Hubei authorities aware ,alert ,plus the alliance will be an important leader Huang Xing ,Song Jiaoren not to Wuhan ,uprising .In October 9th, Sun Wu and others at the Hankou Russian concession preparing bombs inadvertently caused the explosion .
The policeman heard and ,to the Revolutionary Party of the roster ,uprising proclamations ,secrets .Viceroy Rui Cheng ordered the closure of four City ,scouring the country for revolutionary party .
In desperation ,the revolutionary party decided to immediately on the night of October 9th 12 revolt .But that night the heavily-guarded Wuchang City ,the main revolutionaries could not be contacted ,the plan was failed uprising .
But this time ,the army throughout the city as much as they would revolt ,but because of the Governor-General of obstruction ,has not contacted, makes a genuine sorrow for the rise and fall of the country and the revolutionaries is worried !While the eighth town engineering eight camp Xiong Bingkun ,is just such a new army leaders !Sunny ,the sun burning the earth .
This time next to plum Tingshan neutralizing near the door power engineering eight camp just had lunch in the new army soldiers in the camp were one more than double armed guard ,respective returned to their barracks ,is close to the people can not at this time to say hello ,lest they should be it is neuroticism alert soldiers took him to sacrifice his life .
However ,still some people ,even if the enemy to watch ,they still willing to take a risk for the revolution Stella UGG Boot.With the help of the barracks are familiar with, in understood that patrol the law, fast to avoid inspections ,gathered in a camp ,in what appears to be discussed ! A team of existing firearms 4 ,missing 35 ,each 5 rounds of bullets ! Two teams existing gun 3 ,missing 41 ,each 3 rounds of bullets ! Three teams existing gun 4 ,missing 37 ,each 5 bullets ,in addition ,we got two grenades ! Four teams existing gun 5 ,missing 40 ,but the bullet only 80 rounds ! The five team in the five team existing gun 2 ,missing 50 ,only 40 rounds of bullets .
Small words from foreigners instructors team steals a pistol, and a shuttle bullets can last night ,our team was caught a comrade ,so the patrol guard very strict with us ,just to get it .
to sit in the house of the Lord above ,the Xiong Bingkunmei head wrinkled ,left hand holding the forehead quiet thinking ,only his skeleton resting on the table clenched my arm ,can feel at this time ,his inner restlessness and agitation wear wear dry dry brother brother ? Feel who pushed his body ,was preoccupied Xiong Bingkun suddenly woke up, looked apologetic glance is side pushing his Cheng Zhengying UGG Bailey Button Krinkle Boots, I am sorry, bears a thinking how should we act ,now we have and throughout the city lost contact ,no command the new command ,we also do not know the new revolt time is it right? Is laid down, once we advance the rise in revolt ,and the city has no corresponding to it would be well, thought the cumbersome ,I have fascinated ! Rub some soreness of the brain ,Xiong Bingkun worried : since yesterday since the accident ,be on tenterhooks ,Viceroy Rui Cheng up to the build-up of troops patrol ,to arrest me ,progressive revolutionaries ,has much blamed boiling .
Under either Zhang Biao eighth Town ,and minions Li Song Qing twenty-first hybrid association are our people shake head look forward to rise in revolt .Hey ,bears a sigh no virtuous person in the banner ,I rise in revolt shine a light ,two with the Lebanon Song Qing up ,make every move only after mature deliberation in February prior to the name of the city the former tend to me and other pipe with Chen adults from Chu observatory .
Today when now ,the comrade is in no arms rise in revolt and worry about when, I sit at the Chu Observatory six foot high walls, no gun ,no help ,plus the new officer belt is Li old confidant ,to our revolution army very hostile, everywhere with me .
Timberland Euro Hiker Cheap.This how to live up to the expectations that the thousands of gay !Alas face behind deep sigh ,he already had in mind of stagnation intolerable .Pulled out with small table at noon ,at this point have been made temporarily, although they previously in last night after the accident we set down tonight rise in revolt ,however ,they can not solve the uprising weapon ,ammunition ,since yesterday uprising leaders -- Sun Wu et al in Hankou Russian concession prepared bomb explosion ,caused by careless caused uprising news leakage ,Rui Cheng up to the new army has cast serious doubt ,nowadays ,except for the eighth control the town Zhang Biao can control the three battalion first ,with the master in most men Li Yuanhong twenty-first hybrid protocol ,only a camp guard ,a battalion of Rangers were not taken over ,the rest of the army ,unless sooner or later training times allows to carry guns ,even the bullets are not equipped for the new army ,is prevention of insurrection .
Unfortunately ,again brillant mud paste maker repair bad in the only leak water leakage ,and even the foundation are moths eat only loopholes in the house ,now just a gust of wind blowing, push ,can be completely broken the house ! Papa , Cheng Zhengying moves ,seem to want to comfort him ,unfortunately ,hesitate even after Canada Goose Camp Hoody Sale, he also did not find any way ,only patted him on the shoulder ,pale comfort saying don ,us eight business of new official band is greedy person .
We had no money to give him ,and not see him privately in the Lebanon and ,up to a firearm amassed thousands of property by the villain ,nature should beware .He and I are revolutionary army ,so they let him guess ,there was no evidence ,we in the camp prestige Masamori ,nature will not be afraid of him .
However ,if you can convince the left team officer Wu Zhaolin well, he was subject to Li old favorite, heard the man wanted to bring him over his command when a pipe band camp ,were he to refuse .
Now we are inside the camp only his a team of army still retained firearms ,as the primary years just about ,the new pipe belt arranged tonight that he kept Chu Observatory ordnance .
His men left the team we have developed some comrades ,and primary years known as counsel ,before he has been sent to inform us, before the rise in revolt ,he is by the class guard south gate, then we just ahead of schedule a team of latent to near the south gate ,12 when he opened the gates ,the command subordinate in the camp other local alert ,once to the guard will call him a be taken by surprise .
Then as long as we scored Chu Observatory ,opened the warehouse ,where the gun ,machine guns ,cannon count hundreds 100 million door ,countless more bullets ,then as long as armed the brothers, after this service ,will be able to completely overthrow Manchu rule in Hubei .
of course ,he believed ,is another code ! It is good the room all know that this future is uncertain ,but also can not contact the new army ,they also because the Chu Observatory of great responsibility ,so don go out ,can say .
At this moment ,the door suddenly three major and two minor ,rang .People suddenly started inside the house ,will have the gun to hide ,or even a few people also found inside the shelter to hide in .
Haven ,he heard the door with a sound ,then ,a strapping young man with a short body into the house , Captain ,Department of the Senate ,the camp we found a team of brothers ,was the door guard soldiers refused to immediately after .
But some people find a soldier to go with the barracks ,and we find there is a quietly entered the camp in the past ,I have told someone to bring him ,listening to his saying is something urgent .
People see his house ,suddenly heaved a sigh of relief .Without it ,the burly man called gold anomalies Zhao Long ,word goods Chen ,don burly badly ,his mind is unusually careful ,is Xiong Bingkun in barracks and shelter alert sentinel .
Sorry? A team came ?What are these people ?How many people are here ! Xiong Bingkun was surprised, and the process Zhengying on a dark eyes ,eyes more ,their hearts have guessed ,the team is not afraid to contact outside the camps comrades ,now only hope they can run faster ,do not want to give the catch .
There is a touch and smell into the camp, all eyes ,is to let him go with the people .If two people want, not long after ,that Jin Zhaolong took a short thin dark man came in ,it was first studied in all for a moment ,suddenly gaze on Cheng Zhengying suddenly lit up .
process of scheduling ,brother ?I have seen you ,you next to Zhang is in the bear Daiqian ,you two ,I is the Nanhu artillery ho Liguo ,Heyuan people ,we make short of long
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