Reproduction Methods of tires

October 16 [Thu], 2014, 10:39
Mainly, three below as a reproduction methods of tires.

Retread (recap)

Paste the rubber a new tread has been engraved on the tire, are bonded by heat processing. I is suitable for high-mix low-volume production.


the same as retread but this is point where you want to paste the new rubber tire, but engrave the tread surface in the mold. Mass production orientation.


The build thicker tread at the time of new tires, to maintain the drainage and grip a new state by the groove is again shallow carved Once.

Reuse of passenger car tires without processing, a year use of studless tires (wear crush). Studless tire the depth of the groove is halved compared to when new loses the ability to safely travel on snow, it can not be used for driving on snow. Its or dividing up wear limit stipulated by law, can be used as an ordinary tire. Tire manufacturers, shows this method in the catalog that lists the product information of the studless tire. Studless tires because the surface is flexible as compared to the general tire, ride comfort and operability in normal dry road surface there are those who feel good. However, actually difficult to say that the soft compound = high grip, large deformation of the tread surface is in rather soft but therefore during driving, rolling resistance increases fuel consumption is worse a few percent compared to summer tires.

Abrasion powder (Taiyakasu)

Tires slide into wear gradually by traveling the road surface. The fine rubber powder generated during wear addition to drift and become dust in the atmosphere, is able to persist in the environment as a relatively large powder is combined with other particles, such as pebbles or brake dust street, JATMA are also summarized as a research result in participated in the tire industry worldwide CEO conference. According to this finding, although toxic damage acute with tire wear particles are not generated, health effects of particle size of 10 microns or less of the abrasion powder is still concluded that should be investigated.

While tire wear powder is used in a general commercial vehicle occur as very fine particles, Taiyakasu generated from such slick tires used in motor sport, shit in Japan, in the United States large enough to be a tire marble and nickname I occur in the particle size. Taiyakasu that was caked on the pavement on the record line is described as rubber was riding, but on the other hand is welcome as an element of the grip improvement, enough to interfere with the vehicle traveling on the large diameter of Taiyakasu sometimes circuit that was peeled off without having to ride on the road it can be a nasty obstacles. In oval racing such as Indy Car and NASCAR, because the tire Marble is the direct cause of the crash, it is determined to official When are scattered many on the track, immediately race is interrupted yellow flag, and a dedicated road sweeper I is the removal of the marble. In the era use of the one-make tire is not the mainstream, such as today, the Taiyakasu of vehicle that began hitting the fastest lap by mounting a new tire picked up a rival team officials, and tried the analysis of components that.
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