the team was originally the Boston Redskins and was named

May 03 [Fri], 2013, 12:08
Funny that the lady from Boston is probably not aware that the team was originally the Boston Redskins and was cheap nfl jerseys named because the coach was allegedly part native American.
I think that common sense has to prevail at some point. Who goes around calling Native Americans "redskins" or has bounties on them? I don't. The other thing is that the "n" word analogy is great and all, but what team is going to go out and call themselves something so derogatory? What team would go and call themselves the "n" words? They wouldn't. nfl jerseys for sale

Intent and definition of the word is not offensive because it's the name of an NFL franchise. The intent was never to be offensive. It's a goofy name to be honest. And to be even more blunt I don't care if they rename the team at this point. It really doesn't matter to me; I'll still support them. Unless they call themselves the Wizards or something equally as horrible. New England Patriots Jerseys

But I swear to God if they do change it and the following season someone starts complaining about the Capitols being an offensive name or something I'm going to blow a gasket.
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