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October 13 [Wed], 2010, 12:48
The reason for this is because of the faceted facets reflecting everything back and round. Other square shaped tiffany jewel have long and open facets, so the light is leaked out when the depth is too great, but that is not an issue with the Radiant cut diamond.
The Radiant cut diamond is an interesting cut. I like to think of the Radiant cut as a hybrid diamond of sorts. Not because it is made up of a combination of materials or anything like that, however it is cut in a way that combines the brilliance of the Round cut, and the beauty of the Emerald or Asscher cut.The square shaped diamonds do not enjoy the brilliance of the Round cut, and they are generally less forgiving on flaws and weaknesses. However, the squarer shapes are generally considered more elegant and of greater beauty.
This means that you are getting the brilliance and fire of a Round
tiffany 1837 bracelets, while achieving the beauty and elegance of an Emerald/Asscher cut Diamond.Like all square shaped diamond cuts, the beauty of the shape is in the eye of the beholder. Some will prefer a Radiant cut diamond that is more square, and some will prefer a Radiant cut diamond that is more rectangular. Therefore, the best ratio of the diamond can't really be determined and set objectively - it all depends on whether you like a squarer or more rectangular cut.
The Radiant cut is cut in a way that maximizes the brilliance of the Tiffany Necklaces, more similar to that of the Round cut, while having the beauty of an Emerald cut with the cropped corners and the square/rectangular shape. Yet, despite the similarity to the Emerald and Asscher, the Radiant's facets are not long and trim, which generally expose the flaws more, but are faceted and display a fiery display. The faceted facets give the Radiant diamond a "chipped ice" appearance, and the result is an amazingly fiery brilliance with flashes off the facets in every direction.
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