m i weird? 

February 23 [Sat], 2008, 0:38
i started to fall in love with cloudy days
i just  the feeling of being in indoor but it、s kinda bright from the outside
dun really know how to explain this
but i just love to b quiet in the morning
i haf a boyfriend rite now
it、s been 8 monthes
but no one knows about this relationship 
also he、s not the person hu、s obsessed in settle the relationship down
we haf this conversation regard of moving in together  after in come to nyc
well, i mean it、s good cuz we、re obviously in luv and we、ll spend so much time on each other、s house
however, there、s still some concern about this
something like presitige and my parents、 opinion
it、s really hard
bliv me, it、s really really hard to reject this suggestion
since living in nyc is fucking expensive
m i gonna move in with my bf bcuz short of money?!??
such a dilemma
well, hows everyone??

dearall~~~guess where is jenny?? 

July 01 [Fri], 2005, 3:42
i m in canada now!!!!!!
WOWOWOW~after landing in vancouver,
i walked aroung the airport,
all that i can remember is those days that i went to the airport for you~
i really miss you all,
dear ryoko and chiaki~~~
do u remember that we cried a lot at the airport,
chiaki even told me that she couldn't look at my face or she would cry<笑>
i m not sure if i would travle to those places which we've been together
i even don't haf specific plans in vancouver
but i will take many pics if i visit those places again~~~
i m in vancouver now
my english sucks
i made mistake everywhere~~~
sigh~~~jenny is sooo stupid~
but i hope that my english will get better really soon
or sometimes i would feel like killing myself
it's kinda cold here recently
but they told me that the days b4 were hotter
so maybe it will get better later
this time~~~i can't b fat again~~~!!!!!or my mom would kill me
ok ok
how's everyone recently~~~
i m looking foward to ur news!!!


June 23 [Thu], 2005, 9:46
today is jenny's big day6/23
cuz i m going to haf another toefl test today
wowo~~~so exciting huh?
i took lots of pictures recently
although i can't put it all here殘念 but dear allplz visit my album

hey heyguess wut?i m going to go to kenting after my toefl test!!!!!!!
hahhahahaa i guess Ryoko is still working hard on ur final huh?頑張れ
jenny is waiting for you~~~~~
hey, let me tell introduce you about KENTING~
it's some kind of a place like 沖縄
and we are going to spend like~3 deays there
plz wait patiently for my pictures
i promise you i will bring you amazing summer atmosphere

how are you guys recently?
did i mention about my trip to vancouver next Wednesday~??
haha i guess i had <笑>
how about my boifrd LARRY's coming bak
actually my EX-BF
i m not sure wut will we be after his coming bak
cuz he's coming bak today
i m not sure if he would call me<緊張>
so i will tell you guys the latest news after i haf contact wiz him orite??
still~you guys are the best!!!!!!!大好き
ryoko~~~see?? i work so hard on decorating my blog~~~
tho i can't do it as good as you
but i m keep working sooooo hard can u c ????
plz teach me how to do as good as u~~~
miss you~~~~


June 19 [Sun], 2005, 9:59
i m so tired~~~i slept at 4 yesterday
and my mom just woke me up
it is 9 a.m. in taipei
so that means i only slept like "4 hrs"
my neck is totally freezed now
and i got very impatient and bad mood~~~
i m going to kill the teacher if she doesn't let me pass this exam
i think i should get some food to cheer me up
my mom keep forcing me to go bak to dorm even though i dun know wut should i do after i arrive there
but if i don't go to dorm, she'll keep naggin at me, she will absolutely ask me to finish the god damn assignment
no, no way
it's making my crazy
though yesterday was a good day
my,dear frds~~~いしょうに頑張れよ〜〜〜

i hate the teacher 

June 19 [Sun], 2005, 0:30
my neck is yelling now~~~
sooo hurt my neck
i've been typing my god damnassignment for all day long
i hate the teacher
this assignment is totally a bullshit
i m dying~~~~~

but anywayz i m in a good mood today
cuz i registered this nu blog
and i also get a new style XP for pc
let me share the website with all of my dear mystery visiters
this is the website
u can change ur theme of XP in any style that u like

after using this yaplog
all that i can say is "JPese are amazin!!!!!
u r really cul~
i like this blog sooooo much
i wish more and more frds will joing this system
and everybody will become extremely cute and interesting~~
hey~how are u guys doing?????"

the first blog of mine 

June 18 [Sat], 2005, 17:11
i m not sure how many blogs do i actually have already
but it is certainly the cutest one
although i had stolen the background of ALBAROSA<笑>
i hope all of my frds in japan can understand how m i doing lately through this blog
i m going to vancouver on 6/29
it will acsolutely remind me of the days we used to spend together
i miss you all
and i also miss the trip with u in japan
in both tokyo and kyoto
i m so lucky to haf u r accompany wherever i m
can u see my blog
i wanna share ur music
i need some new stuff
plz let me know wut r u listening lately
i hope u can do well on ur DJ stuff
deay kanako
i miss your family
i miss you all
i wanna be with you again
do u haf any plan comes to taiwan
plz let me treat u as wut u haf done for me
dear chiaki
although we didn't spend too much time together
it was really nice of you to show me ur secret shopping places
and also your family and the おいしい dinner
dear mottei
thx for let me staying in ur place
and showing me how beautiful KYOTO is
let's meet again one day
and finally
i miss you a lot
i think i dun haf to say anything more cuz u've already known wut i m going to appreciate you
u know i miss you a lot
and i also appreciate your family
plz be happy with tommi
plz prove that this distant love will be all worthwhile eventually
i love you all!!!
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