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Mens briefcases date back to the 14th century when satchels were used as a way to transport money and other valuable items. The word that was used to describe these satchels was budget,bottega veneta espresso waxed soft caiman fume duffel bottega veneta espresso waxed soft caiman fume duffel
which is a word that comes from the Latin word bulga. This in fact is the origin of the word budget as we use it today- with regard to finances.

In the early part of the 1800s, an iron hinge was used on bags in Paris. These bags began to be used more often by men as a way of carrying not only money but also important papers. They were known as satchels or bags until the early part of the 20th century when wallets became the standard for carrying around money.

As wallets began to replace satchels as a way to carry money, satchels were seen less and less. The only people who used satchels were those who needed to carry around items with them on the road or those who had to carry around important documents with them on an every day basis. A distinction was needed between the satchel - a common bag used by vagrants and transients for carrying around belongings and business people who needed to carry papers. This was especially true of those who carried documents back and forth to court, most notably attorneys, solicitors or barristers.

Briefcases of the 20th Century
Unlike other professions, an attorney often has to carry papers back and forth to court. In the early part of the 20th century, attorneys used cloth or carpet satchels for this purpose.

It was not until the 1920s when the first modern briefcase appeared on the scene. This was a flat, hard case that kept papers in order and did not resemble the bags that were being used by so many transients. Attorneys began using these bags which were quickly described as briefcases, to describe the documents that attorneys carry.

By the 1950s, briefcases were not only used by attorneys but other business people who used them to carry everything from their lunch to magazines. Briefcases were more than just a necessary accessory, they were a status symbol. A man generally went to work carrying a briefcase with him if he held an office job.

Briefcases Today
Today, briefcases are still used by those in office positions, although the formal, hard lined briefcase is once again giving way to the softer shape of the satchel like bags. While the most coveted briefcases are made of leather, they come in various shapes and sizes, including those that can be carried like a backpack.

With the advent of the laptop computer, briefcases have also been replaced by leather carrying bags that not only carry papers and necessary items, but also can carry the laptop. Most of the modern briefcases of today have either a shoulder strap or can be held by hand, are made of soft leather and can be used by both men as well as women. Briefcases have come a long way, bottega veneta moro light calf cross body bag bottega veneta moro light calf cross body bag
especially in the past 20 years when they have become more unisex and all encompassing.
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