Nintendo DS R4- The Leader of Flash Cards 

April 23 [Fri], 2010, 10:12
"Revolution For DS" is the first batch of three-free Acekard in Nintendo DS Lite that realizes the same volume with NDS in Nintendo DS Lite history. For short the DSR4 fever record card, so-called [three exempt" namely exempts brushes machine, exempts the guidance and exempts the abbreviation of transformation . R4 magic flash was firstly born at the end of 2006, and due to its simple using method and low price, it beat the old brands of magic flash such as SC, M3 in quite a short time. It fast becomes the burning disk which was welcomed by the NDS players in many countries, just as the full name of Revolution For DS, the emergence of R4 can be called a revolution in the history of NDS.Enchanting R4DS , the Wearing that Makes all Auntie Crazy!

R4 Burn Card used to be attached to M3 series of Burn Card. Get Ready Fast â€[ Quick and Easy Trend Bible for r4i sdhc It, like the M3 SIMPLY Burn Card, was existed as the cheap and simple version of M3 Burn Card. Although the authorities did not say this point in any occasions, but from this point that the generic kernel of R4 and M3 cores we can see R4 and the M3 series has a considerable source. DSR4 burn card in 2006, after just a few is occupied most of the market, and become the discussion of burn card players in protagonist. The popularity of R4 around the world, almost all NDS gamers knowing of its existence, but also sounds the death knell for the R4. Tall trees catch much wind. Ren tiantang noticed the serious influence brought by the pirate of magic flash led by the pirate of R4 magic flash at the end of 2007, and started to take all kinds of measures to crack down R4 magic flash step by step.The Charm You Can not Forget - Acekard 2i Cards

In March, 2008, a number of factories of Europe which produce R4 burn cards were closed down one after another, and Nintendo this silent stick become the powderhose of the anti-piracy burned cards war. ! The Designer of Acekard 2 Changed On 29th July, 2008, Ren tiantang appealed to the District Court of Tokyo with several other game companies, filing suit against 5 magic flash companied led by R4, claiming the forbiddance of the import and sale of R4 magic flash and other relevant ones. R4 burn cards suffer such an attack are not simply reflected in the above-mentioned News Information. Began in April 2008, R4 burn card official website once stopped the kernel update till September 2008, R4 burn card officially announced the dissolution of R4 development team. Although the development team of R4 burn card was forced to dissolve, the R4 burn card of history has not been completed for it. After the R4 group being declared to dissolve, in addition to [R4 V", the other imitative R4 Burn Cards making use of the brand of R4, such as [R4 ULTRA", [R4 SDHC" and [HYPRE R4",also appeared in the market.

On November 1st, 2008, new edition of handheld game console NDSi was on sale, which marked the advent of new stage of writer tape`s development. And the family of R4 cheap copy also became more and more bigger, such as "Gold R4i", "SUPER R4i", "R4i-U" and so on, and the Acekard in the name of R4 brand existed everywhere. R4 since the blink of an eye on the birth until now gone through three years, although the R4 is so lonely now. But the achievement that had been created by it can't be denied. What the trend of R4 burning card is? Let's wait and see.
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