Material and Performance Features of Nintendo DS Lite 

April 14 [Wed], 2010, 12:31
Since selling GameBoy in 1989, Nintendo has been the first in the handheld game industry all the time. During its domination, Sega, Bandai, NEC, SNK and other companies had launched several strong attacks against Nintendo, but Nintendo's NO.1 position has been maintianing as steady as a mountain. Such situation lasted until the appearance of the Sony PSP. Sony PSP has integrated a number of advanced technologies of the Sony company, in addition to the function of gaming, the function of music player, video player, picture browsing and even Web browsing are offered. The Sony took SPS as the key product in an attempt to make it "the 21st century Walkman". While Sony issued that PSP, PSP Nintendo has avoided the high-performance edge and take the heterogeneous route, launched a dual-screen handheld NDS.What is Welcomed Now? Absolutely r4i gold !

NDS is just a normal handheld console, and there is no extra additional feature. But Nintendo gives this handheld console a different mode of operation. The lower screen of NDS is a touch screen with which you operate the game by touch. There is a microphone of NDS. You can control game by sound. Besides, NDS has got all function of WIFI. You can fight with the nearby player conveniently or you can play with the players all over the world by WFC service. In November 2004 when NDS sold out, Nintendo introduced a number of excellent software, including "Nintendogs," "Welcome to Animal Crossing," "Mario Kart DS" and so on. By the strong offensive and fresh operation mode, NDS smoothly took over the handheld market from GBA and took an advantage in the handheld machine battle.Acekard , the Necessity of Cuties for in 2010 Winter

The appearence of NDS is its weakness. It feels overstuffed, lacking the feel of fashion compaired with PSP. Therefore, Nintendo designs a brand-new NDS Lite . At the beginning of 2006, there was a rumor online that Nintendo would launch the new models of NDS, Nintendo specially refuted rumors on the official website. By February, the truth was revealed and the brand-new NDS emerged formally. On 2,March, 2006, NDS LIte was sold in Japan at the price of 16800 yen.From then on NDS marched toward a new era.Stock Count the Most Expensive R4 Cards All over the World

NDS Lite has always been in great demand, and frequently out of stock. The Nicest R4 DSi Are Produced, Go to Have a Look! It often took after several twists and turns in order to buy a NDSL. The package of NDS Life is simple. There is only a thin box. It will soft with simple pitch. On the box, there is no instruction of the performance of the machine as GBC, GBA and other products does, but only a list of items listed in the box and precautions.

If it is an original product, the items in the box should include the following sections: one NDS Lite, one power supply, two touch pens, one lanyard, one GBA card slot protection, one manual, one Nintendo membership registration statement, and one PICTOCHAT manual.

Nintendo gives touch pens to its customers with much consideration. If you accidentally lose one, there is another for you. The lanyard is white emblazoned with "Nintendo" words, and is tied to the upper side of the machine. Nintendo Member registration statement has a serial number, through this number, you can register as a member of Nintendo Club and get points. When the points reach a certain level, a variety of gifts will be offered to you.
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