Consumer alert partner benefits

June 19 [Sun], 2011, 19:53

Bank credit card interest free installment is highly recommended consumption patterns, this installment of the benefits are obvious, you need not be a one-time investment for their own troubles, but no funds on hand this month for a fixed income but also eager to have a piece of high-priced goods for people,
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But rich people are not agree. This is not because rich people do not need to use the installment will be able to easily enjoy the things they want, but in their view is typical of a partnership installment consumer, the payer is and the future their partners to reduce the consumption threshold, although easy to achieve a trendy desire, but will greatly enhance the consumer's savings left him unknowingly to the loss of open.

In addition to installments, the consumer is actually a partner in life is common. Leasing is one example: car rental companies can help those without cars the desire for easy weekend trips, car rental consumers do not have a one-time purchase of expensive cars, and other consumers by means of co-use car rental company . But do not forget that if there is no car rental companies, most of these consumers will opt for cheaper bus or simply cancel the travel plan, expense can unknowingly be under control.

AA system is typical of a partnership consumption. Office work colleagues, often taken in such a way to resolve lunch. Usually 5 to 6 individuals per capita 30 yuan will be able to put the company near the restaurant the table simple, seemingly such a way than eating a lot of benefits to the restaurant, but many people have overlooked, if not dinner they tend to choose a snack or a bowl of noodles
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,spend far less than $ 30.

Consumption of either partner, have a common characteristic: each participant in a lower threshold of consumption, will increase their consumption. But along with the consequences, must be some of the original can be controlled to curb spending thus produced. Therefore, unless the necessities of life, these seemingly affordable consumer or partner should better.

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