How to Dress for Your Body Type

August 06 [Mon], 2012, 16:21
A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning How to Dress Your Body Type

Step one - identify your body type
The human body comes in many different shapes and sizes. The first step to dressing your best is to identify what body type you are. The basic body types include: triangle (or pear), inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, diamond and rounded (or apple). The best way to identify your body type is to look at yourself in a full-length mirror wearing your undergarments. Examine your body Swarovski 909955 and that should give you a pretty good idea what shape you are.

Step two - identify your body challenges and come up with some solutions
Here are some questions to ask yourself: What are my problem areas? How can I accentuate the good and camouflage the bad?

Step three - identify your assets and figure out how you can accentuate them.
Here are some questions to ask yourself: What are my assets? How can I enhance them?
Step four - identify the yes shapes and the no Swarovski 1023627 shapes

Figure out what shapes and clothing cuts DO and DO Not work for you. Write them down if you have to. Once, you do that, you will be more aware of what to stay away from and gravitate to when shopping to get the most out of your new looks. Sure, you may love cropped pants or booties but if you have short legs you may have to re-think that.

Step four - start with your current wardrobe
Practice makes perfect. Take a look at your wardrobe, what clothes do you own that don't the heart of the ocean titanic do your body shape justice? Get rid of them. You can donate or give the items to a friend for whom the clothes may look better on.

* The purpose of dressing for your body type and identifying your assets and troubled areas is to pinpoint how you can give your body the illusion of being an hourglass shape with your clothes (if you're not hourglass). And, to maintain your hourglass figure if you are hourglass shaped.

What not to do - here are some dressing no no's
#1 Wear baggy Swarovski 1050460 clothes to hide any weight issues - there seems to be a consensus that wearing bigger clothes will hide problem areas and weight issues but that could not be further from the truth. If there is one thing that wearing baggy clothes does, it's make the you look even bigger. Take into account a person like Oprah Winfrey. She wears fitting clothes but manages to look great and actually make herself look smaller because she's wearing clothes that fit her body type.

#2 Buy something just because you like it - sure, you have to love the clothes you purchase for yourself but if the color is not right for you or if the fit just isn't right, you must learn to say no.

#3 Buy into all the trends - trends are great but just because it seems as though everyone on the planet is wearing this one great trend, doesn't mean that you should. Trends like leggings, crop tops, skinny jeans and knee high boots don't work for everyone just because everyone is wearing them.
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