If this business opportunity also has your attention

August 26 [Mon], 2013, 12:53

One of the first things you see when new products come on the market is a bunch of people claiming it's a scam. The Wow Green scam is different, though; it's not a scam because of some misconduct or dishonesty from Wow Green it's a scam because of human psychology and lack of vision.

The Wow Green scam doesn't look like a scam. It starts out with a perfectly legitimate business opportunity the "planet protection" business, which certainly has the attention of many people these days. Wow Green's cleaners have enzymatic action, which is nothing new, but positioning it as the selling point in the way Wow Green does is a bit of a twist.

If this business opportunity also has your attention. which Nike Air Jordan 6 it should, with so many people already interested in it. there's an opportunity to become a part of Wow Green's business team yourself as a distributor of their products. Which is where the Wow Green scam first rears its ugly head, but most people don't even see it.

There's nothing wrong with the program itself. The commissions are fine; the products themselves are fine; even the multilevel marketing aspect isn't dependent on bad math. Where the Wow Green scam becomes a scam is at the point where you miss the important part, and never quite figure out what you've missed.

The Wow Green scam operates by convincing you to market and promote Wow Green, the product, instead of your own business. This isn't required, of course. but you'll probably do it all on your own, anyway, just because it seems like the right way to do things.

Now instead of promoting yourself, laying the groundwork for a solid and reliable future, you'll be promoting them. Which is the Nike Air Jordan 12 real Wow Green scam cheating you of selfpromotion, because you voluntarily choose to spend your time promoting Wow Green.

Building your own brand is the master key of business. When you end up a victim of the Wow Green scam, you only benefit them they profit every time you mention their name; when you think you're building your business, you're really building theirs. If you change your focus from Nike Air Jordan 28 XX8 the Wow Green scam, you walk away from all your work promoting them. They get the publicity. They get the benefit.

As a great singer once said, don't believe the hype. The Wow Green scam might not be a scam in the traditional sense of the word, but you're still being cheated. by yourself. You cheat yourself out of the effort you spend promoting them, when you might otherwise have been building your own name and your own business.

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