The footprint of the Tennis fingers

August 21 [Wed], 2013, 16:53
He seems like a glove for pés.maleável, lightweight and has durable rubber non-slip. The shoes of the fingers, as it became known, became common accessory among modern and those who practice extreme sports. Now, begin to popularize. Has won yogis, runners and takes the first steps in the fitness world.

The Academy Competition, for example, offers classes since last month specially formulated for this type of footwear. Almost all brands of sport are also investing in shoes that let your feet free to do the same movements they would do if they were without shoes.

The models hit stores tailored to the modalities for which they were developed. Some are factory more resistant and lightweight amortecimentocaso models for runners, or more maleáveispara indoor activities such as pilates or yoga. All, however, are made of soft fabrics, like second skin and structure that lets the foot to the ground.

The Vibram has 30 models of Five Fingers, including Treaksport, suitable for even walking inside waterfall. It costs $ 100 on the brand's website. In Bayard Sports, there are some models like the Five Fingers Classic, suitable for yoga. Leaves for U.S. $ 299.90. The fact of keeping the fingers apart decreased friction and prevents blisters, says Rogério Teixeira da Silva, 43, orthopedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine and Traumatology.

Adidas is betting on the adiPure Trainer, made especially for academia. A shoe that gives more balance and strength to the jumps, explains Mauro Yamasaki, 40, who used to teach tennis Performance Training Competition in the Rua Oscar Freire. This year, launched three models: the Free and Free 3.0 4.0 (R $ 329.90) are the most flexible. Already the Nike Free Run (R $ 299.90) has sole carbon to absorb impact and foam midsole.

The New Balance Minimus launched for different situations. On asphalt, the ideal is the Road (R $ 399), with ten millimeters of cushioning, uneven terrain, the Trail (R $ 399), in post race, the Life (R $ 349), the gym, the Cross Training (R $ 349). The brand says that their shoes are 50% lighter than competitors. Just do not think it's a shoe ideal for racing, says orthopedic Silva. Who is still not very well prepared physically at risk for injury. NIKE: TEL.: (11) 55046644 OR 08007036453 (OTHER LOCATIONS)


Nike Free Run? Both follow the minimalist concept.

Both tend to follow a fad, and like all fashion, hence the time we realize that something was not as good as imagined. The Nike Free still has a bit of tennis as a concept, and in the other it seeks to do is the shape of the foot. I see the Five Fingers too caveat, because I think it recommend for our runners can be a big risk in terms of generating lesions. The Five Fingers was developed and its consultants podiatrists and chiropractors, and no doctor or scientist involved in the research. That sounds a nike free run cheap little strange, when you see that in other companies (Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Asics, Nike, etc.) much was spent on research to study mechanisms of reducing the impact of running shoes.

2. Today almost all brands are betting on such minimalist shoes, which gives the feeling of being barefoot. They say the shoe strengthens the muscles of the feet? True? They have no more riscosde cause injury than a shoe with cushioning?

When you walk barefoot it stimulates the intrinsic muscles of the foot (the muscles that are between the various bones that make up the structure of the foot are called intrinsic). Furthermore, when we think of injury, know that this musculature is hardly good injuries occur. But this is only one cause for injuries in runners. Another very important factor that science already has well established as a cause of injury, is the impact of race on the bones. And one of the few certainties we have today in sports medicine is this: larger impacts on bones and tendons cause more injuries. If the shoes minimalist improve the dynamics of the leg muscles (note that I'm talking about SE, because nothing is yet proven), how do we know if it is better or removing the ability to absorb impact? for now there is no evidence in the medical literature about it.

In my opinion, until proven otherwise, the lack of shock absorption can free run 2 uk sale cause more injuries with the use of these minimalist shoes, when we think of runners.

If you just want to walk around a bit, I will not give problems. But I recommend this to anyone foolhardy runs 10km, half and marathon. In the office I keep prioritizing indication tennis conventional damping impact, combined with a rehabilitation work (when needed) to strengthen the muscles of the foot.

3. In stores found minimalist shoes specific to academia, track and race. They really are for these modalidalidades? It has a kind of activity that it is more appropriate?

I believe that is only for those in academia and will run little mileage on the treadmill these shoes can be an interesting way, because we will be together with physical activity improves the condition of the muscles of the foot. For long tracks, I have my doubts. What can happen is the reduction of friction, since each finger is protected, and it may decrease the bubbles that sometimes found in these athletes track. But I think the five fingers serves as more foot protection than for injury prevention material.

In street racing, overall, as I said in another question, do not usually indicate the Five Fingers. In some patients (thin, ideal weight, which is well trained exception in practice) can have a benefit in terms of comfort with the Nike Free. But the athlete has to be very well physically.
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