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July 27 [Sat], 2013, 16:59
> Yan six colored energy flow in the dilapidated streets scurrying around, those who control the company Ssangyong generous squandered his own MP,. U | to support. The players are participating PK war carefully chosen, in which control of them and armor soldiers accounted for the bulk, so it is far melee attack, casualties on both sides are almost equal ascending. Morning broke offensive and defensive tug of war, after more than an hour after the battle inevitably slide into one wants to see double defeat situation, at least two companies combined have more than 50 players in this one hour time killed,Coach Shouder Bags, falling equipment shed all over the place, but also very few people dare to risk their lives to pick up. Players who survived hid in the bunker behind the ruins of buildings to breathe the breath, as if the two sides agreed well as a certain distance away from each other re-formation of confrontation, attack gradually stop down - are people, ah, intense fighting spirit consumption on is great, who do not want excessive losses forced by the system kicked off the assembly line. The virtual world is the use of control neurons, perception created, in theory, can be completely 100% immersive real world everything (. | Control your own game ID does not need to be realistic body ~ imagination, control force must be used to in order to protect the players will not Yongnaoguodu limit a player can only play eight hours one day, and the virtual instrument will closely monitor the player's brain waves, once the excessive exhaustion situation will immediately trap links to the maximum extent possible to protect the players. precisely because of this, so read the force control of those few players to choose this career because it takes more brainpower than any other career high on a lot. everyone, but to play the game, not looking for no ease. Lei also shaking away the sniper rifle leaning against the windowsill behind the United States and the United States places on a cigarette break. sniper bit exposed because he had run the underlying convergence and veterans, who came together, it was guarding this building. SL028 squad Luckily, in addition to armor because dyke pig mask ~. fighting force, the other person up wounded. clan lineup is still intact, and the victories also good. bare Ray shaking a man to kill the other two Name control and the three snipers, veterans, who also have their own gains, if Ssangyong other half of the team to have their victories, then the victory already belongs to the Thang Long, but this is certainly wishful thinking, in fact Commander Return to all squads have the latest battle damage situation, until now lost a total of 415 members, 62 people lost their ability to fight forced off the assembly line, may be worthy of a battle of players at most 500 points. each case the same is true even if some as it is not too far away, will only become more difficult to fight back, I'm afraid in the end who also were unable to occupy the central square profiled attack the beast. "singled out! singled out! ..." Suddenly occupied glow League where someone sent a loud cry, shout the same words then more and more people want more and more voices, merged into a flood flock Ssangyong party Front. hidden in the bunker behind the members of the company looked at each other Ssangyong I do not know what happened. veterans quickly called the commander asked Soon the effort to know the reason. "glow blue alliance proposed to curse poetry and Thang Long singled showdown. him down the gauntlet To Thang Long answer is given in ten minutes! "veterans with a wry smile:" This dude is really simple, everything let him go in front. "singled out? Ray could not help but spit the mouth of ground shaking cigar, playing for so long, so many people died, he is now proposed singled out, why go back? their play no problem. Why should pull everyone into the fire pit too! dissatisfaction normalized dissatisfaction Ray shaking also know the current the case if you want a winner, singled seems really the only choice, and Thang Long there is no room for denial, one that he can not allow himself to one brother so exhausted, and secondly, if avoided blue curse poetry challenge, he is very difficult since I'm afraid to lift it in front of each head, let alone go to a beauty competition! Sure enough, l promised blue dragon a curse poem singled to invite war, the stakes are the same, fighting placed in front of an empty space on the street out by both players to witness the final duel between the two two sides to cease from war, any person who interferes with the game will be the most severe punishment. conditions for a Tanlong, the parties to the players to stop the attacks from hiding place to go out, we are entirely different divided into two factions, each separated by a distance of tens of meters Hu Shi gaze intently also refused to concede defeat. accordance with the rules of such a duel, both sides can bring their best equipment, supplies, etc. PK to party down so far. Thang Long and blue curse poems are 39 strong colonization heavily armored warrior, fight will be hard-fought. Thang Long's equipment is not all superb, and so the the company's armor soldiers will each have the best equipment out to his choice, so as to avoid the ultra-luxury equipment blue curse poem disadvantage in this regard. Seeing this, Ray shaking the hearts of a move, although he Thang Long This move for a woman to go to war was very bear watching, this is purely to help veterans. also because veteran's sake, plus he is temporarily belong to this group, it can not fail to take into account the victory. Regardless What kind of victory, the victory is actually only one! thunder shaking off his gloves walked in front of Thang Long, the hand of fate handed each other. "What is?" Thang Long asked in surprise, he and Ray shaking only said a few words, there is a lot of cooked operator, also know each other is to help a friend and not help themselves, so this move Ray shaking him surprised. "I can be in your body pressed 500 Ocean You can not let me lose money! "Ray is shaking half serious half joking when he said:" Put these hands sets, the goddess of victory will beckon to you. "players in the storm the city sub-forum, it has been for both sides of this PK set up a gamble, glow League odds are 1:1.2, Ssangyong .45, Ray shaking Minato. maximum amount of pressure on the 500, although some solemn mood, Thang Long could not help but laugh, He took a look at mine shaking gloves, suddenly startled, but then his face was restored to normal, red thunder shaking nodded and said: "Thank you!" Despite the Thang Long quickly conceal his gaffe, Ray shaking still be able to clearly see his eyes showed the gratitude of color, after all, like thunder shaking so a stranger can be said that the players can take it out on such a good thing is definitely not an easy thing, although there are temporary Rented system rules, many of the players are reluctant to reveal their strength equipment, geese are swans who are numerous. hand of fate, a full range of defense +35 +5% overall defense, fortunately +1 Agility +5,Oakley Lifestyle Clearance, ~ can : Rapid switch weapons, need to wait:.%, co Rating: Perfect! Although this piece of equipment shaking thunder hit earlier, but can definitely use 50 instead of backward, to know the highest level is not currently around 40 players for l This dragon warrior, a full range defense +35. overall defense can enhance the properties of many of his defensive ability, but fortunately +1 attack is able to enhance the effectiveness, benefits to enhance his relatively weak attack power, The special properties of fast switching weapons at a critical moment might be able to play an unexpected role this time veterans came over, a few packs of Pharmacy will superimpose the Thang Long, these agents are small witch's top works, role is undeniable. Thus, in the equipment level, Thang Long has been fully able and is said to be fully equipped with the legendary blue curse poem a war, the specific outcome of the play and to look at both sides of the operational level, while in this regard, the Thang Long's confidence is obviously a great 10 minutes of preparation time has elapsed, Thang Long march reached the designated PK area, 20 meters from the Blue curse poem place stood. "Tut tut, prepared so long, and have not seen much new equipment put on, do not bring your Ssangyong something good things to come. "already there waiting for the blue curse poem disdain laugh and said:" really let me down, I hope etc. After you lose, do not take the equipment excuses. "provocation face blue curse poetry, Thang Long was incensed no half points, he raised his hands alloy sword said dismissively:" overkill! " This seemingly ordinary word,Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage Clearance, but after hearing the blue curse poetry rage, Chun white face immediately flushed become twisted up. <
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