Really you do not see another day

March 08 [Tue], 2011, 17:02
Put luggage also abused migrant workers across the old man and his term has been more conflict. The workers do not pay attention to all the workers wear dirty wearing camouflage fatigues. The whole carriage of people have been arguing that people's sleep no more the man is watching to see the items he'll also hung up. But he and fellow workers they spoke to the sound is not small. The more items could not sleep, but only looked at the scenery over there, then there will be no one to pass sentence over the students that there are three words. Now what is the use of university graduates are too many hand gently grasping is a lot. Our factory is the college students that nothing will die stupid to do only two days to be the boss to a falling out. Key is to have a brain.

Migrant Workers Group is interested in college students seem to remember the things discussed by college students group together. But that half of workers say Mandarin dialect taste more items from time to time to say just listen to that feces is in fact the word is the word. Feces too many college students now graduate to find a job that some wages are also low. I have not read the books junior high school graduation came to Shenzhen a good mix now have thousands of dollars a month. And the boss also thinks highly of me is my last boss to resign also release me. To me that was important to some practical work experience to college there ass to use. Who get a monthly salary of the workers thousands of pieces of the elite group said. This is always the main character to speak as if he just listen to the other workers, he said. Students also read those books would not fall in love all day long to know that the Internet do not only know more than anyone else's dad is rich. Many students in school on the cohabitation of the tongue, there are many female college students to sell silver. Many schools now have to commit suicide how to read the book so that these students did not graduate ass white with the University of Reading's only a waste of money to the parents. This person is getting more and more expensive for someone to listen to the full enjoyment of what they said. Diploma in there ass on the outside or with important practical experience.

What I just graduated from junior high school diploma is not a few thousand dollars a month is not his wife also found. I would say to the training school to college as a computer for two months. The source also mentioned that he was afraid of a month several thousand people forget that it thinks he is getting more and more strong and how cutting-edge open university education in depth the fundamental social problems of the place for them. "Do not lie to you really have a lot of female college students to sell silver in Dongguan last time I called a female university students seem to graduate from prestigious universities or what." Then he pull the pull booger. And how his companion does not seem to believe. "Really you do not see another day ....... it feels really good to try with the two of you. Oh all right now as long as you have the money notes, students toss a big deal we still sleep with."
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