Silent Painting

February 08 [Sun], 2015, 21:33
Hi there, long time no see...
So, today I'm gonna post another art assignment I'd just finished..

Title : Silent Painting
Theme : Darkness
Pictures and explanation :

The painting was inspired by the celtic song that I was listening during the process, the other inspiration came from this little something what I want everyone to understand, which I won't tell you guys what it is..

I made the painting 3 dimension, why? because I just felt like 2 dimension is too plain for my painting.. ehehehe
Soo simple right?
I used some wire, small chains, roses, rhinestones and feathers to fill up the spaces around..

For the roses, I had to make them myself because I can't afford buying any corsage (pilled up assignments made me had to spend lots of money)..
I made them using some leftover fabric I had, I don't really know what it's really called, but I call it "glass fabric"..
It really does look like a glass from afar, ahahahhaa..
I cut them into pieces and then burned their edges..
Tips on burning fabric's edges :
1. Use a 100% synthetic fabric because only synthetic fabric that will curl up when you burn it up, others tends to just burn up for real..
2. Bring the edges to the blue colored fire of the candle, the blue fire wont make the fabric look burnt, it would make the fabric looked as if it was made just like that not DIY..
3. swap the edges quickly but not too quick. If it's too slow, the edge will become uneven and thick. But if it's fast enough, the edge will look neat and not too thick. If it's way too fast, the fabric wont be burnt at all.. ahahaha

In this picture, the flower has messy edges, it was because I burnt them too slow.. So please be careful everyone.. ehehehehe

For Dark Choco, there are 2 trademark, one is the butterfly, two is the feather..

Unbelievably, my art teacher actually understood the story of the painting in just one glance..
My friends kept on guessing while she keeps on saying "no, that's not it," ahahaha
I never thought that someone could actually understood it without having me to explain..

So, you guys, for the story of the painting,
I will leave it as a secret, try guessing it yourself..
That's all for today, thanks for reading..

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