Literally the most inferior trained beautiful calligraphy pen and paper

November 12 [Tue], 2013, 12:47
Such as cutting, such as consultations, such as cut, such as grinding (a) golden afternoon sunlight penetration from Broken spilled down banana leaves, intertwined with the bright thin drain leakage. Although not woven into dense net, and that dementia, that stare, but by the afternoon sun pulling out of this, contact the years of emotions. father and calligraphy affinity is forty years. in his elementary school, large red circle class he was one of the largest student teacher's praise and love nature, which aroused great interest in his calligraphy, home inherited from our ancestors only a Liu public rights copybook, became his father's favorite. Then comes during the Cultural Revolution, the grandmother was classified as unemployed right at home, thanks to my grandfather taught in Shengzhou County income to support family life. Grandpa trip back home on weekends, when the family's dinner table will have a few dishes, and sometimes there will be a small bowl of pork skin offal, and young children can only be assigned to a small bowl per person, nike air max 2014 men's because the meat too precious, my father would a share of meat hidden in the bottom of the bowl, and other grilled over top rice, again slowly savor delicious meat. Once, when his father went to Tim accidentally put rice bowl of meat fell on the pot, did not realize that he was later to hold rice uncle picked up cheap. Wait for his father found the bowl of meat lost, afraid to speak naturally also all sorts of lost. Later, I eat noodles every child at home, my mother would give each of us a bowl put a poached egg, my father always taught us to finish the surface and then eggs, so as to body to taste the flavor of life. despite poor families so, my father still does not change the insistence of calligraphy.

Literally the most inferior trained beautiful calligraphy pen and paper, and slowly, his father's calligraphy began a minor celebrity. During the Cultural Revolution a popular new Wei body, suitable for writing slogans, while the father can not take chalk Qigao directly on the wall with a paint brush writing, school chalkboard neighborhood propaganda billboards and walls, leaving him at that time a large number of handwriting. is Mr. Sun Zhenghe later told his father that he wrote on the wall of this new Wei body does not belong to the strict sense of calligraphy. (two) Mr. Sun Zhenghe graduated from Shanghai Fudan University, biological engineering, had studied calligraphy Baijiao, Deng scattered wood, MA GONGYU, Qian Juntao other generation, as Shanghai's direct descendant, due to political implicate the Cultural Revolution, was transferred to Xinchang teach. Father so fortunate to know Mr. Sun and his disciples into the sects. It is incredible that era, the nike air max 1 sale county seat of Xinhua Bookstore, could not find an ancient calligraphy copybook. To this end, Mr. Sun on their own a pass holy church, the provisional order, to give his father, so he replaced copybook clinical practice. Sun is the main regular script Ouyang Xun and Yu Shinan, and then only use two Cursive king, he advocated the use of inner experience to communicate with the ancients, must not crash, utilitarian, and only leave in chronological order to create extraordinary. Door so often recommended that students who alone is an ancient post, some one must clinical practice for several years, until decades later that the father has laid a solid road book arts foundation. father recalls, sir against unconventional, so in the book arts to explore on they always put very little. I remember once Mr. juniors take them to see the provinces is an important book fair.
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