My sunday afternoon 

May 27 [Tue], 2008, 8:29
yesterday I met my friends at barnes and Nobles,
and we read a little bit.
Then my friend and I
decided we wanted to do something than our
other friends, so we walked accross the barnes and nobles
parking lot, then the phizzolie's, then up a hill
and accross the street and accross the independence
mall's parking lot to the edge where there's a metal bar
and the grassy edge (cliff).

She said "The world Market's over there," *point down the cliff* "All we have to do is go down there and then
come back"
So I told her we're not walking all the way down
And we walked across the parking lot of the indep mall,
up a hill, across the street, accross the parking lots
to barnes and nobles and waited for my
friends mom to come and pick us up
then her mom took us to world market and dropped us off.

when they came back to pick us up, they were supposed to drop me off at phuongs
house, but I didn't know the way.
So I told them to take me to our school and I could find the way.
so on the way to our school, I saw the exit to get off
to that would take me to my house.

And I was like, "Get off here, turn left and go all the way up an go to the Teresa's restraunt" .
I was like "Go right and go untill you see a barbershop on your left, then take a left.
Then a nother left, and all the way down untill you see a big lot with a white house and station wagon. then turn left and stop at the stairs."

So I was a B&N with out supervision and almost no way
to get home, and i did all this without being caught


May 27 [Tue], 2008, 7:05
I am so sleepy~ I don't know why.
But there is nothing to do today~~
So strange, isn't it?
I can't wait for tomorrow, I am going to
ask my teacher if she can help me in my math
Because school is almost over, I need
to get a good mark in it,
Or I wont pass math~~ or the ninth grade

I'm going to go to my hometown
when I am 18 years old
I am really excited!!!
I mean, wouldn't you be too? hehe,
Even I'll get to see my child-hood friends

My school is going to be over in a few days.
a total of 8 days, really.
4 days this week (tuesday-friday), and 4
days next week (monday-thursday).
I am really very happy about the end of school,
but... I will miss my friends,
and I still want to see them everyday!!
You know, and hang out with them too.
Although I'm not to close to Aya...
I think I am sort of OK with Akiko, but not
really. Mostly only with Fufu and Karen.

Oh~! And Faith and Cynthia.
Also included, Tira, akai, Patrick, Conner...
even spencer!

"When it's dark, you can see the stars"
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