l Madrid can really get Thomas

January 21 [Tue], 2014, 10:38

l Madrid can really get Thomas - Muller, then the White Army's offensive system will be greatly enriched. Thomas - Muller can replace Benzema play center, he can solve the Real Madrid center headed adverse weakness, but also to take advantage of the air when the two wingers pulling face the goalkeeper. Thomas - Muller can play attackingnike roshe run mens
midfielder Isco replaced, his impact is far better than the former European Golden Boy. And Thomas - Muller almost no right to occupy the ball, he Biyisike more suitable and C Luo, Bell partner.Real Madrid's subjective desire is good, but the objective reality is very cruel. Thomas - Muller at age 11 joined the Bayern youth academy, as root seedlings are red pride of youth, Thomas - Muller never had the idea to leave Bayern. And even Thomas - Muller wants to leave Bayern can not let go of the absolute main. As long as Bayern do not want to put people, almost any team can not do so to complete the transfer.Barak move to Chelsea during the year, an expression of this. Bayern prefer to Barak left to expiration of the contract on a free transfer, they would never let him leave early. 2009 Zidane helped Real Madrid to convince Franck Ribery, Real Madrid is Scarface out of the € 55 million offer, but Bayern are still quite tough to keep the Frenchman. The rapid development of the Premiership already international, this land is not only replete with elite players from around the world, and has attracted many international capital injection. Sun Jihai, Li and other Chinese players had already unveiled the Premier League, and now Chinese businessmen also intends to enter England.It is understood that Southampton and Wang Jianlin has launched a takeover talks, China's richest man, out of the 175 million pounds considerable. You know, 2009 Marcus - Talib Hull acquisition Southampton just spent 15 million pounds. A year later, Marcus died, followed by his daughter

Katharina succession. That is, four years later, Wang Jianlin quoted out of Helsinki, is almost 12 times Lieb Family bid price of the year.Wang Jianlin so impressed by the sincerity of the offer has Katharina, if she accepts this offer, the Premier Wang Jianlin will become history as the first Chinese mainland boss, "Mirror," said climb the high branches of Southampton will also become the richest Premiership One of the club. If the takeover is successful Wang Jianlin, chairman of Cortez before leaving to perform the restoration possible.Argentina coach pochettino Cortez is the most intimate friends, two or neighbors. Pochettino heard Wang Jianlin interested in buying the club after Saturday night conversation with a female boss has asked Katharina. Pochettino axiomatic idea, which henike free 3.0 v5 womens
hopes to be able to accept the offer as soon as possible Jianlin.Born in 1954, Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group is China's boss, A A era he built Dalian Wanda popular. Today, Wang Jianlin of football heat unabated, for the long term development of Chinese football, the Chinese Football Association for his generosity, and the title sponsor of the Super League.2013, Wang Jianlin was "Forbes Magazine" named for the world's 128 billionaires, worth 8.6 billion euros; August 2013, Bloomberg will Jianlin as mainland China's richest man. In fact, Wang Jianlin business empire has long been into the United Kingdom, where the first stop is Southampton on the south coast of England. Last summer, Wang Jianlin spend £ 320 million acquisition of British luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker International Group. Wang Jianlin also is planning to build a new five-star hotel in the south of the River Thames in London Vauxhall. Turin rain did not stop the pace can live Juventus forward, sits at home to Juventus score of 4 to 2 victory over the visiting Sampdoria. Juventus has not been a serious threat in the game, though Sampdoria in

the race had nearly twice the score to chase a ball, but the strength of the gap or let Sampdoria bloated only This winter rainy night alone taste the bitter fruit of defeat, of course, Juventus fans and played a very important role in this game, they break into the world after Bo Geba wave their singing "What a powerful Bo Geba" songs, they also scored an own Barzagli after use "Come on, Barzagli, this goal is also the history of Juventus." singing to cheer as Barzagli. Of course, the South Stand fans do not forget to take "liberties" what has recently been the core Pirlo Juventus broke the divorce, they are on the banner read: Pirlo to stay at Juventus, because your lover is our people, so, Juventus work hard to play it. This is a lovely fans, which are the source of power Juventus.And people never imagined that, when the race to about 70 minutes or so, Juventus entire South Stand began singing "Yugoslavs is Zingaro!!!" Songs, you know, Zingaro word in Italian is the meaning of the Gypsies, and Gypsies in Italy the whole community is not to be seen in most people, but also the bottom of a group of people, they steal technology (Italian gypsy fortune rarely, mostly with theft living) is also well-known in Italy for. By Gypsies to insult nike flyknit trainer+ online
Yugoslavs, where the term is most frequently occurring former Juventus and Inter Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jiujiang Stankovic's body, they are also the most hated man Juve fans. And today, the word was given to the now Sampdoria coach, the former Inter Milan star Mihajlovic, it also allows the whole stadium plunged into a very delicate atmosphere. You know, Juventus also have this array Yugoslavs Vucinic, the entire stadium bleachers are on the move, said the South did not understand, we all stand on the South responded with boos, but scattered boos seem not affect the South Stand fans "Masaoki" they continue singing different songs to insult Yugoslavs, it also
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