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August 18 [Mon], 2014, 16:38

Qin Xuan got into the boats,chanel bag price, two men and five women were staring stare looked Qin Xuan, as if looking at a monster. Geshu Han reddened that big bad cop, stammered, to express what is behind, Leng Shimo say. Qin Xuan said a little ashamed, old head red, and quickly shift the conversation open to hide his embarrassment. Qin Xuan Geshu Han smiled and said, Foshan shadowless foot this name well known in his past life, but ah, but this time I wonder if there Foshan this place, so Qin Xuan gave into super shadowless feet.

Tang is a country of feudal social,cheap chanel classic bag, political, economic high exhibition, artistic era of prosperity,cheap chanel bag, but also a milestone in the development process of the country 's traditional clothing. 8384 novel network www.8384Xs.comhttp: /// Tang Dynasty ordinary man wearing a round neck gown shirt, round neck gown is generally round neck sweater, right ren, collar, sleeves and skirts have stitching at the edges. Length officer gown shirt to bare feet, Wu Guanpao shirt Length slightly shorter to the knee, sleeves have the width of the points.

Women's clothing Tang mattress skirt woman before the country has been well received by the community shackles of propriety,cheap chanel bag, Tang woman clothing reform,chanel bags for sale, mainly due to the prevailing social climate reforms. Tang woman was fashionable dress is : wearing a jacket skirt suit, plus the semi-arm, foot board crested silk shoes, the first generation of flower bun. Length mattress skirt suit is to an ultra-short jacket and skirt waist clothing section of the connection, so called short skirt mattress. Changes in short skirt jacket collar mattress is Tang reform and women's clothing big hit,cheap chanel handbags, in addition to round neck,Chanel Le Boy Bags, square collar, oblique collar, straight collar, V-neck, there are bare neck.

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