2007年03月09日(金) 16時24分
My Fave! Mario's super cute Dino dude. His best friend is Mario, since he's known him for quite a while. (for more info, look up "Yoshi's Island" on Google and find the story) The Yoshi species come in a variaty of colors.

First Game: Super Mario World
Size: ****
Weight: ****
Running speed: ******
Importance: *****


2007年03月09日(金) 16時17分
Princess Peach:
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. (also Mario's true love...) Theres princess Daisy, which is known to be her sister. Who doesn't know her

First game:Super Mario Bros.
Running speed:****


2007年03月09日(金) 16時09分
Mario's brother/twin.
He's the second main character. The difference is his cap is green instead of red, and has L on it. He's also slightly taller and thinner than Mario. Got it?

First Game: Super Mario Bros.
Size: ***
Weight: **
Running speed: ****
Importance: ******


2007年03月09日(金) 15時43分
Oviously, the main character of the Mario world (aka the marioverse) and the trademark of Nintendo. He has a brother Luigi(some people refer to him as Mario's twin).

First game: Donkey Kong
Size: ***
Weight: ***
Running speed: ***
Importance: ******


Error?! What the heck?!!! 

2007年03月07日(水) 16時48分
Theres some kind of weird error on yaplog that doesnt let you use any of the "big" or "huge" or any of the other buttons above the bow you type in! Below the box, you know the place that you see the preview or something of your typing? Instead of the preview thing, theres something written there.
It says:
< SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">document.write(Renderer.convertTextToHTML(window.document.WriteEntryForm.body.value));

Isnt it weird? So, sadly, I cant type any of the things about Mario characters!
Look! You cant even use the smiley faces! If you could, I would of had a "boo!" icon (the one where it has a thumbs down) on the end of the line about writing things about characters!!! You know what? ITS SO ANNOYING!!!! (I would of had that line in BIG letters if I could)

Anyway, do you have that same crappy problem??!! If you do, I know how you feel! If you havent checked yet, go do it right away!
Please tell me if you have it by commenting!
Thanks so much!!

Comment read 

2007年03月04日(日) 14時07分
Someone commented and asked if I was Japanese. The answer is, yes. I am a fluent Japanese speaker, but dont expect me to know a lot of kanji! (remember that I'm only 10!)

Anyway, THANKYOU! for commenting! I'm happy to see that people are starting to look at my blog!
Please comment a lot!

Da basics... 

2007年03月01日(木) 20時28分
Ok. Its time to teach you da basics. In Da Marioverse, you can learn about all kinds of mario characters, and and build up that knowlege about mario stuffs and gameses!!!
Until then, surf on...


2007年03月01日(木) 20時16分
As you can see, this とても あやしい~ place on the very
DANGEROUS internet will one day be a magnifacent universe of Mario, full of wonder, adventure, curiosity, danger, wealth, activity, chitter-chatter, and much more random things that you see everyday....
until then, surf on...

Yo dudes!!!! 

2007年03月01日(木) 20時03分
Hi! This is my first time writting! I can't tell you my name though... but in school I'm known as Dr.K. Well, I hope you enjoy my blog!
Good-o baaaaaii...
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