Hang Zhou's Spring

May 23 [Fri], 2008, 19:18
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Lots of my friends living in Hangzhou, flowed through sweat in summer of 06, in order to dream of the city that struggled, I have one kind to Hangzhou " I like very much " Emotion. West Lake all each time, it is West Lake that from close cause, so all go to stroll in the West Lake each time perhaps, it is fine, at night, rainy day, the daytime, summer, spring, saw. Go to light rain of this day in West Lake, the light is not good, dusky everywhere, the tender bud that only by walking close to can it saw willows green, could see the appearance that peach blossom is blooming, still leave the flower at the roadside. Has never been to west Ling to print the society before this, this chance has been entered, unexpectedly the scenery is beautiful inside, like another world quite different from this world dyke Su beautiful than West Lake white dyke of edge, certainly, under this kind of spring rain, take a walk, have sure conditions and customs too in Su dyke white dyke. It is the first time that take pleasure-boat too, reach being able to take one circle of mid-lake pavilions and can see three pool print three island of incence burner of moon finally light.





A Note-Book

May 16 [Fri], 2008, 13:35
I want a note-book.

There are only blank interior pages, has not printed the good ruler.

Look for, to one stationer's, can ask while being every.

They all shake the head.

The characters following one's bent most, it is always 30 degrees upwards to arrange - 45 degrees, come in different sizes.

If restrain it in the note-book with the beautiful interior page, form the scene after the bomb explodes.

In the face of the computer, has already spoken from the purpose, it is ridiculous to be full of.

While going to work and staring flankly, pump page one A4 paper by the printer conveniently, start to write or draw.

In one's office, write silently, very peaceful.

The paper put on, put into the drawer conveniently. Pass for several days, throw into the kneader, good-bye.

So no matter from which direction looks later, the ruins meet the eye on every side, then always annoyed, lose while having.

Let piece have blank note-book of page only, tie, stand up them, decent thing.

Inquire working with perseverance.

Seek all over, does not obtain.

Listen to the single daily record concert of milk tea while typing, remembers the day as the background music of many songs of some sections of hers, blue sky and white cloud. Just, so many years, the happiness of milk tea, still sought all over and did not obtain.

Friend say song to sing, give people to have thoughts and feelings listen to, sing a certain people listen to only. Eh, Yes.

When the sun comes out, go to stroll at the zoo.

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