Choice of the Love

June 26 [Thu], 2008, 18:00
Perhaps we can love two people at the same time, are loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only keep with one of them until old with each other holdem. .

While falling in love with a person, the federation is a little afraid, afraid of getting him; Afraid of losing him.

In most time in life, promise synonyms are fettered, why we yearn for fettering.

Miss is only a kind of habit, used to not missing anyone.

The love is over desperately too from hoping to begin. Give up the idea, no longer have any hope that I had once had to you collegetips.

Having fallen in love with you, I have a taste of the distress of the flavour, separation that are missed and suffering that envied, there is that ceaselessly occupying wanting. Why does every gesture of you let my tidal surge of emotion rise and fall? Why I fear time it slips by to be but unable to watch over with each other all one's life with you always?

Why forget one so painfully, time will make you forget naturally. If time can not let you forget the person that should remember, what meanings are there our lost years?

Will notify the freedom of losing tomorrow, will know this is contract in whole life, in order to get the other side perfectly well, in order to make the other side happy, willing to make a promise too. The course not free of a pursuit of love, as you complain about the time not free too, love he, you.

The loneliness is not innate, love by you and yet begin at last person's that time.

Like a person, will not have a painful one. Love a person, perhaps there is long agony, but the happiness that he gives to me, is the greatest happiness in the world.

In most time in life, promise synonyms are fettered, why we yearn for fettering.

Love, one's own satisfactory, what I have no longer lacked.

The love is a kind of invention too, need improving constantly. Just, the invention with invent different while being other, it have patent right, can give somebody snatch away at any time.

In unrequited love with the greatest behavior, helping. You do not love me, but I help you. Real unrequited love is the undertaking in all one's life, do not give up because he is far away from you. There is no this kind of sentiment, don't talk about rashly and is in unrequited love with.

Love, is always the things of innumerable twists and turns of piece one. Is never abandoned, is never injured, how to understand the lover? Love was a kind of experience originally, if only the person was for a long time.

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