August 11 [Thu], 2005, 0:31
god. spent a good two hours just looking at LJ codes. i messed with my layout and in the end got tired of modding and re-modding, so i gave up and i'll just leave it in the mess it is anyways. seriously, it's not like anyone actually visits another person's user. if someone wants to know what someone else has to say, they'll usually just check out their friend's page.


August 10 [Wed], 2005, 20:08
summer vacation has started! so the first thing my friends do is abandon me for a fun-spree in tokyo while i'm stranded on this (smaller) island. not so bad though, they're only gone for a week. tomorrow i'm meeting my other friend's 後輩 who's just touring around okinawa for a bit. probably going drinking tomorrow, and then friday going out again to meet my ペンフレンド. wish i was better looking, so i'd be more confident in meeting her. i had a pimple on my nose, and when it "went away" it left this bothersome dark spot in its place. wonder how much lazer surgery costs. with that in mind, i've been able to keep my birth mark hidden ever since i've arrived here. it's something that's always bugged me, and it's part of the reason i get paranoid if someone is standing behind me or above me.

man. what a ... look's... based... entry... not usually this paranoid about my appearance. go figure.


August 07 [Sun], 2005, 12:40
well i've decided that no one--unless by accident--will read this, then i can go ahead and update it more often with whatever comes accross my mind. in other words, i can use it more like a journal than i could other blogs.

so natsu yasumi has started, and i find that i'm quite low on cash. i need to pay for my books and for the jlpt that's coming up in october. i've also got to fill out that stupid school entry application that i've already filled out. i seriously hate the procedure that japanese colleges make their students go through. but i guess it's safer than putting everything in computers. gmu had all their student's data hacked less than a year ago.

this coming tuesday tina, youki, and keiko are heading out to tokyo for bar hopping and such. i wish i could go, but i'm stuck here and w/o cash. which reminds me, i need to get a job. as soon as i get a job i can move out of my grand-aunt's place. living here isn't terrible, but it's really a restriction on my freedom which i've gotten so used to while living in the states. plus everyone in my family above my mom's generation is insane. they're all friggin crazy and being around them is more so work than pleasure.

so yeah. part-time job = me get to move out.


August 07 [Sun], 2005, 0:40
so hello yaplog!

this would happen to be my first post here, and i'm only creating this because i'm pretty damn bored. well my name is kenji, and i was born and raised in the DC metropolitan area (america). i did all the normal stuff. finished high school, attempted college, and did horribly the whole way through. so i got bored and moved over to okinawa, japan. i have a lot of family here, and my japanese is pretty bad, so i decided that this would be a good place to improve.

anyways that's pretty much my story in a nut shell. i really don't know what i'm doing, but i'm pretty sure that things will end up ok in the end. pretty much why i went with this username, "daijoubu" (大丈夫). although i have no future, and my past is pretty much a shitstorm, things at the moment are perfect, and i wouldn't change this experience for anything... ok maybe like a million dollars. but that's really unlikely.
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