7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Have a Try

May 12 [Mon], 2014, 15:36
I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it is so hard to squeeze it in! In addition to finding time to eat breakfast every morning, I want to start my day with something healthy and nutritious. So, I gathered 21 great healthy breakfast ideas, complete with recipes, that I can incorporate into my morning routine.
1. Oatmeal ...

Oatmeal, when made right, can be so heart-healthy and yummy! I love to use steel cut oats, whole grains, and lots of fabulous toppings to add even more vitamins and nutrients. Also, going organic is a great option that I try when eating my oatmeal. I love this delicious oatmeal recipe.

2. Frittatas ...

I love a healthy, tasty frittata in the morning. Frittatas are egg dishes that are a lot like quiche, but they can be made much more healthily without the crust. Best of all, my frittatas come together quick and easy, which is such a plus in the rushed Lida Slimming Pills mornings! One of my favorite recipes is this artichoke frittata from The New York Times - make the artichokes ahead to save even more morning time.

3. Pancakes ...

Yes, I know... pancakes usually aren't healthy. However, I've found that it is quite easy to modify a few of the traditional delicious pancake recipes to make them nutritious and yummm! Plus, pancakes can be cooked in only a few minutes time, and I feel so satisfied when I start my day with one! Here's an easy healthy pancake recipe that can be made in the blender.
4. Homemade Bread ...

My mom gave me a bread machine a few years ago, and I just love using it to make homemade breads. It is so easy to load it up at night, turn it on, and wake up to great homemade bread in the morning! I top my breads with margarine or healthy, sugar-free fruit preserves
5. Granola ...

My sister-in-law swears by a homemade granola recipe that she picked up from a family she used to nanny for, and I'll have to say - it is totally delicious! Granola is great for me because I can eat it with milk or yogurt for a dairy boost, or throw it in a bag and take it on the go if I'm running late. Plus, since it is totally customizable, it can be made to suit any taste.
6. Smoothies ...

I love the smoothies you can buy at the shopping mall, but I've heard that they're so high in calories and fat. So, I make my own at home. This is a great way to use up fruit that almost overripe, and I can make them to Lida Daidaihua Pill completely match my tastes at the time! I also love to freeze extras in popsicle molds so I'll have cool treats on hot days.
7.Yogurt ...

Yogurt is a great healthy, quick fix breakfast in the morning. My favorite brand is Stonyfield , because they have organic whole milk yogurt with active cultures, and I think it really aids my digestion when I eat it. I love yogurt because I can eat it on the go, or I can dress it up with a sprinkle of homemade granola or pour a little over my homemade oatmeal.
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