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July 23 [Tue], 2013, 17:28
> An Army he was found the next morning under the care of the root causes of the numerous clan escape the fact that the son, then almost at the same time, the fortress down everyone knows this mutation. Standard Time quarter past four, the fortress at the bottom of the apron, five maintenance should be no restatement aboard ship, ignoring the fact that the security control center blockade, while very close to impose export all instant firepower. One hundred twenty antimatter produced a series of flood exposure to the substance for elimination reactions, releasing enormous energy is swallowed up in an instant fortress weak internal armor, and further collapse of the fortress outer composite armor. So this should count all the rock-solid fortress, all of a sudden it was pecked out five large enough to accommodate a large number of warships parallel hole. The next moment, the eight-ship traffic projection out from the cave were moving full speed straight into the void of the Quartet, but it is not generally based on the fortress in front of the "hazy moon gate" as the goal. Even with the huge mass meter are the fortress,Oakley Frogskin, can not ignore this series of explosions, the enormous impact, and the whole fortress slight shaking, then the opinion Raiders ship by blasting the scene from the outside is very similar, so reflective gush "sky Army began to fight back, "the idea, so up and down like a military fortress he was driven in fear of the ice whip, showing a brief confusion. However, they are familiar with the battle, or catch ancestor appeared in two central command to restore the basic pre order, and also the status of previously made roughly finishing. First clear thing is that the military and not through the sky "hazy moon gate", where stationed twenty-four Squadron did not find anything unusual eleven this fact let down suddenly filled up a fortress at ease breathing. Then, the fortress is destroyed part limited to the apron, five bombers shot restated ship near exit gate suicide, will not only destroy their own involvement in the vortex of energy, but also implicated the floodgates nearby vessels totaling over two hundred warships. Even not directly impact on the rest of the fifteen thousand warships, are also showing a more or less unbalanced state. Even if all the logistical forces deployed within a short time it is difficult for those inclined to each other down, each collision mammoth figure restitution, so alone fortress unable to organize effectively chase. Not to mention that eight liaison ship is on maximum speed along different directions escape ...... "is a boy!" Mu almost immediately guessed the cause of this commotion the culprit, and the next moment the messengers appeared behind that long darkly face, indeed proved her foreboding. "Fortress outer patrol fleet, instantly chase that eight liaison ship! Absolutely can not let one slip through the net would catch them all back! Remember, is to capture! Any event, must not be allowed to take which may threaten the safety of passengers Action! "Mu immediate ancestor is enabled to communicate the optimal weight for his security forces issued a series of commands. "Plus. Guarding the fleet, instantly blocking 'hazy moon the door.' Airspace near the close surveillance shall not allow any ships through." Although ancestor is indeed the supreme ruler of the Community, and also has a direct military power to mobilize his safety, but so indeed the case intervention fleet operations, history rarely appeared. "Oh. Really bit surprising figure ah, your children." Qin shake their heads for a moment, then so advised. "Mu, simply let guarding 'hazy moon's Gate' fleet also participated hunt it?" "Do you want him to do so fled to the Empire? Qin." Mu colleagues turned to stare. "No such thing, after all, but I am quite optimistic about the kid who inherited, so if you let him, but he fled to the Empire, then Ann double loss." Qin shrugged his shoulders. "But you want to capture him, first of all have to wait for him there got it?" "...... You mean, he actually did not contact the ship in that eight in?" Mu suddenly wake over. "Ah, this is very likely, is not it?" Qin video screen on the front of it eight straight to the infinite void cast a fun-filled expression. "After all, since the child's ability to consider, since he was able to make the pants surrounded the next escape, then in such a grand scene for the beginning of the escape plan and how will leave an anticlimactic I estimate that he should now is hiding Somewhere in the fortress, waiting for a chance fleeing 'hazy moon's Gate' at the moment, so we look at it a little pampering him? "" Just do it, but can not get away from the fleet guarding too open ...... no, I would first send a squadron sneaked Zhu two galaxies in the 'gate' to export ambush ...... ah, sent 'ruined by' former go! "mused a little later, Mu again" hazy moon's Gate "guarding Fleet gave the order, and this channel command is surely executed. Guarding fleet twenty-four squadron set sail simultaneously, grouped into eight liaison escape pursuit ship, if coupled with the initial fleet of twelve patrol squadron, then there are a total of thirty-six thousand warships to participate in that only eight Contact the pursuit of the ship, it is a bit overdone exhibition collapse Zhang Gang. "...... Really good bad acting ah ......" Qin like horrible like covered his face, muttering. Mu is very nervous staring in front of the video screen, pinched lips did not speak. This time, the fort's technical team has completed half of the liaison ship inspection, and found that three of the central nervous system of Xiang Yu was forced to write a timed start command, but it was too late to check the remaining half of the liaison ship it. Thus, along with the instrument panel on the countdown to the last second of sound, five liaison ship set sail suddenly without warning, again from the fortress was blasted into the hole shot out. While generally sail two seconds after plugging the hole directly hit the solidified metal, but the remaining four managed to escape over the outer space, and along with the seniors in different directions at full speed straight. Which generally mentioned almost the acceleration of the human body can withstand extreme liaison ship, straight toward the "hazy moon's Gate" direction. "That's it!" Qin also seemed a little excited. "That ship contacted ship on to the ambush in the export of those who ruined a good, guarding the fleet from the other three contact the ship interceptor chase Do not careless, maybe there are unexpected foreshadowing the child." Next, twenty-four Support Squadron out of the vast array of pursuit, like nets usually thrown in the void in ascending arc, intercepting a ship that three contacts on the road straight. If you contact the ship still maintain the original route, then it will be up to about ten minutes after full arrest. However, the three liaison ship but at the same time suddenly changed course, that approximate right angle to switch routes, but people can not help but question the enormous inertia at that moment whether there are biological reduction can survive. Re-launched so unexpected fence guarding the fleet wraps completely dashed. In this three liaison for the rush to escape into the Void ship accelerated catch them before somewhere,Outlet Coach Bags, even patrol fleet had to turn our attention to their body to, and with guarding the fleet in the void under the cloth end to end encircling net. But even so, still patrol fleet initially contacted in that eight-ship fleet near the left a small part of the control of their actions. Only with strong land boarding team, eight consecutive "ship is no biological response, contact the ship is in automatic navigation status," the report was sent to patrol fleet commander in the hands, so some parts of the fence was in the throes package too weak to commander. Join now indicates that this part of the complete package seine fleet, requiring only that eight contacted the ship leaving the "minimum control forces" can be. Of course. In most cases, this judgment is not an error, even even in this time it also has a 87.5% accuracy rate. The only thing the commander ignored, while the one who holds the ancient body art and cutting-edge technology to root clan's son, in their own interest to enter the state of the turtle while using nano-armor isolated heat radiation to the facts. Like most of the Milky Way galaxy in general, hazy moon galaxy also has two "gate" exists. Lal is the gateway to a galaxy "hazy moon the door." Another fan is deep within the territory of the Community "sub prime the door." The first eight liaison escape ship, the ship there are so general liaison routes very close to the latter. "Sir, so contact the ship's system of imperial center has been locked, unlocked before the course can not be changed." "Unlock need to spend much time?" "Twenty minutes should be enough. Indeed, if so contact the ship's rail once again offset half the words, then it will directly into the 'Asian prime the door' inside, but now do not worry. "" ah, then the lifting of the blockade as soon as possible, then contact the ship drove back the fortress. "After a short thinking later the squadron commander unconscious will continue down the boss to error. Zhezhi Squadron evacuated immediately contact high-speed sailing ship, according to the command to join the ship for the second batch of liaison constructed encirclement. Although a precaution, the commander still left a strong land full squad guarding. But for get "the power of a nightmare," the tyrant, the advantage of numbers and even a little is not enough to fight for their time to send a distress signal ...... "Sorry, your luck is really bad number." Sky gently shook his head, then lifted his right hand, nano sword instantly revert to the black lines attached to the arm, while adhering to the original body of the sword of thick blood, but also lose the bearer of an instant landing. But only in the Scarlet Free surplus on the ground provoked a few insignificant ripples. "But my luck it very good, at least so far, everything was according to plan. Then the next ......" Son of Haitelande carve in a few eyebrows twill, slowly walked the bridge control instrument plate, just as deep in thought as standing still. From the very beginning, the sky would not expect tens of thousands of his security had to break through the blockade fleet through the "hazy moon gate" direct fled empire, but chose another one is much more complex, but relatively safe route eleven concluded "two National Alliance "Peter Simon Community and Barea federal, mutual opening up each other's borders, so from the Community side into federal territory almost nonexistent difficult. Although the federal and Ciaran empire Barea junction, at the moment certainly heavily guarded, but not yet formally in the war between the two countries in the case, there are still bold shuttle during interplanetary trader. If you are lucky enough to catch a trading ship which a vessel, then it should be able to successfully sneaked Empire fishes ...... "In short, to emphasize the Community interstellar map to see again." Sky light finger, several slender black line extending from the arm at the lines out, whisper-quiet ground not into the front of the instrument panel. After a few seconds, a beam formed by the micro-controller Community interstellar figure emerges in front of him. In Asia Ji Cai commissioned 艾纽霍嘉尔 home son evolutionary time, in order to compensate for a friend that called another sense the fairest of steering skill, Ke Diya painstakingly tailored for him an invasion of smart navigation system, while the performance is outstanding Nano mice out of a blue forehead multiple dendrites. Although Fengyun nucleation itself is not smart navigation capabilities, but was able to freely invade the system Imperial system ship itself, captured its processing core as its own brain, and further control the ship and complete automatic navigation function. Thus, although the sky at the moment still have a real sense of steering skill, but if just sailing along established routes, but that route is relatively safe, then it has not much problem eleven fact, Haitelande The son had been able to single-handedly, performing That grand escape ramps that are solely due to this "miracle hands" dump to build intrusion system. "Well, a lot eh ah ......" watching too dense arrangement of a galaxy, the sky's face appeared a weak smile. For the first time, but also in the case of involuntary foot Community territory Haitelande son concerned, in order to rely on its own strength in this area is found completely unfamiliar piece of the road leading to the home, in addition to hundred copies of the courage, but I am afraid have to add thousands of copies of the lucky job. In fact, the sky did not even expect before, who has always been a plus for their care of God's mercy to doom yourself just smooth away the Community. "Overall, I would first reach the nearest trade hub and then speak, if there can be lucky enough to encounter direct imperial trading ship, then ...... uh, is it possible?" Sky shook his head, a little self-deprecating a bit overdone delusion of their own, then pick up a neighboring galaxy, the course locked in its territory of certain blocks away from the middle station. "No? A no?" Mu hard stare bowed kneeling in front of messengers long as unacceptable the fact that like, voice full of anger. "All the ships are indeed escaping capture contacted back yet?" "No ......" messengers long head hanging even lower. "In fact, there is a contact destroyers in the 'sub-prime the door' before the disappearance, I'm afraid the child king in that top." "Aoi! Messengers long as you actually would commit such omissions, too let me down ! "Mu into the anger felt sharp words out, and then wordlessly the forehead Kwai volts to ground, so no one has noticed the faint pair of eyes burning from the blazing anger. "Oh, Oh Oh ......" Yet from behind muffled laughter seemed very happy, will attract the attention of both the past. "Was the first time such a fool, right? Really did not expect my reaction actually be predicted from the outset to Even so, the enemy can easily take advantage of the psychological vulnerability to such an extent, this can also really make people fear ...... "Qin looking up at the" sub prime the door, "the direction of the stream overflow mouth seemed very satisfied smile. "The next meeting is on the battlefield, right? Mu kids ...... no,Oakley Sunglasses UK, we are compatriots Oh, if it is you should be able to become Peter Simon's' enemies', right?" ') (A wholly novel network www.quanben. com) <
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