Everyone in the depths of the soul

November 08 [Sun], 2015, 22:23
There is a nostalgia, a little Zen. In the bumpy journey, are looking for a quiet home, is to end in the way of the mighty uneasy. In a roundabout, I read the Buddhist sense. Go to the end of life, and ultimately to return to calm, hidden into dust. The highest state of Zen is simply: Wild Trail Sangma, chrysanthemum fence hospital, several more dogs j, a few farming families ......

In the years of wandering, we desperately search for the perfect dream. Can this world is so unreasonable, all the way to rough weather accompanied by torture us black and blue. The small town is my home, where is my healing, my dream place to store. Here listening to every familiar waves, by the autumn to see a free, than any luxury world are worthy of pride and nostalgia. We exiled spiritual sustenance in order, but in the green of Love, sometimes wandering is also a destination.

All encounter in life are alternately passing and passing. Be sure to know its future destined to lose, nurturing the life, delivery and miss. If one day, we really read tired worldly things, bearish human feelings, is to return home, a boat ride, any billows, any long stream of years, and never look back ...
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