but only for him to pick up the pieces

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 11:21
I looked at the Jiangnan sword cold, did not speak, but I can feel his mood. Whatever the reason, whether it is for what, Secretary Ma Yiping indeed my mother out of the house. My mother is a loser, and therefore catch their lives, and I now want revenge, no one has the right to block, nobody qualified to blocking. Block I die! ! "Heartless, you have to kill the palace off, this is not enough for you? I know merciless Although cold, but it is a righteous man, and not a murder unblinking devil, how can you be so heartless, blood concentration in water, do not you understand? "Regulus soft I do not know why, suddenly becomes agitated, red I screamed. I exposed a cruel smile, awe-inspiring: "Regulus soft, I have already said, both the game or in the real world, do not let me see you again, and now I see that you will have only one result, dead!" Said me slowly raised his suicide note, yaozhi Regulus soft. Yiyi seeing this, do not get in a word, the war angel songs quickly lift, two swords intersecting with swan flush, like a pair of intimate lovers. Oriental wild shocked, I had in he East Fort to make trouble, but he met my powerful, knowing that a suicide note, must see blood, the busy cross body stopped in front of Regulus soft, listened attentively alert. Sima Hao et al showed the weapons to cross in front. Sima Hao Li He said: "ruthless, you do not go too far, do not forget, I here there are thirty thousand elite troops, they're not standing still moving wooden stake, today you dared to touch, I'll let you hanging in here . "* If you do not speak, I do not necessarily linked to you, since you live impatient, I do not mind to give you a ride. Mythical chopped my Li He heard swan suddenly the steering, my feet stepping on a strange gait, floating to Sima-ho of immediate blink of an eye, the black swan sandwiched sharp piercing sound to the Sima ho to hack. Sima Hao was shocked, I did not expect to put down Regulus soft, turned to attack him. Rush a dodge, go to the left to hide. Sima Hao's agility is not low, the Kankan you can escape me this in mind Downward Kick, but he forgot to me there is a skill not less than my Yiyi, a hide to the left, and just happened to Yiyi Battle Angel Song. Sima Hao a little suspense to be split into two halves, Yiyi cool sword off the blood wiped off the cold to see the Oriental field. Oriental wild look of their leader, mountains tiger, monkey king, had a few of them can be a stooge Oriental wild idea is to start the boss came, but it looks quite like So is it like. "Ruthless, do you really refused to listen to advice? Do you really want to fight to the death in a break?" Oriental wild angrily. I gently shook his head and said: "not fish breaking the death, is life and death, are not M's easier said never too back pain, to intervene my thing, it would first prepare a coffin, or to roll, do not to interfere with my things. "That being the case, you do not blame me, come and lineup." shouted Orient wild. * This kid also remember that I do not understand the tactical deployment it? Today is not to steal your guild tokens killing one field, and set the battle in array? Ass to use. Strange smile and Yiyi fall through the floor, as wheatgrass him, myself figure it, anyway Zhenshi not necessarily trapped maintained his. The Orient wild surprise, then remember my elusive shenfa hastily ordered a retreat. Oriental wild after all can be considered a personal matter, know their tactical deployment I stuck to that nonsense in the this HuangShanYeLing, simply impossible, not to say I will not lineup to give them the opportunity to, even if I trapped in the battle, so what? This is not to prepare the ground, did not stop me with Tudun escape. I'm not the monster siege, when I was with the blood of the soul, and others, can not liberate himself, but now, I do not have any scruples, like how to play on how to play. Think of retreat, too late. I have a strange palace sword around, with the Yiyi stalwarts, blew the whistle on an Jianhua, the blink of an eye for Palace sword has been twisted pieces. "Ha, ha, ha, Oriental wild yourselves to court death, can not blame me ruthless." Me mad with a smile, a kind of crazy angry laugh. "I fight with you." The Orient wild roar came at me with a Ouyang warfare. I Lengheng soon, underground passage in no hurry, we have plenty of time to play. Stature flash, has disappeared in the same place, which flash to eight family members of the guild. Both hands suicide note, swept vertical split one meter and three suicide note I played round and round, and a radius of ten meters, all in the shadow of. Yiyi me separate with strange shenfa, the flickering war angel songs is more elusive, killing eight family Guikulanghao. Oriental wild, such as the National People's Congress anxious, with a group of high-level member, followed closely behind in my attempt I stopped by the other Member cloth good Zhenshi, but their speed is too slow, etc. not catch near, I once again go far. Only empty from teeth, but do nothing. They simply can not * nearly my front ten meters, then how can I wrapped? Oriental wild to see if this continues, this bring 30,000 troops, and I am afraid that will be annihilated, anxious hearts, a stomping shouted: blood tactics. "Blood, bleeding also! Drop of blood is a warfare to life, selfless play. As the Orient wild command, the eight family members, everyone regardless of their own safety towards me, they are not able to knock down the number of the HP, just to keep me clinging so my speed will be greatly impact. Even my sword again soon, I can not defense was wind and rain do not reveal an effect, allow a person to obsess that my fate is hanging in here. My lips, a slight pull, revealing a trace of cruel smile, cold shouted: Xiaobing, arson *, this guy is just a war, with Xinyu Notify me he temporarily do not want to set fire to, so long, a rare case of such a The big scene, he must kill the enjoyment, so playing for a long time, have not seen wheatgrass death flames. But now the situation is already different, these people have been working like mad, this time will no longer have the death flames, that I will not be hung up. "Boss, you really boring death flames!!!" Wheatgrass yet enjoyable it could not help but blame me loud, but still with a death flames. Wheatgrass have experience, arson is not without purpose four misplacing semicircular arson Womens Kensington, but to me, surrounded me in the middle, so I just need to face in front of the enemy instead surrounded by the enemy. I Yiyi confluence one, two swords walls again, with a group of offensive skill, "break", the two bright Jianqi spiral fly out, raging crowd, take away the experience of countless people and equipment. "Yiyi, tired?" I cried. "I'm not tired, Brother, How about you?" Yiyi equally loudly replied. I heard shouts and shouted: "I'm not tired, we went on to kill a stick and go." "Pro!" Teleport skills and reluctant to play to the extreme, I combined ethereal magic step, Let's stature such as virtual like magic on you a hint of shadow. Eight family empty since holding the weapons hack chop chaos, but no one can hit us, hit us every time ghost. Blood, blood everywhere, pleasant to the eye of the mutilated abound. Screams, He volts since this constantly sounded, drowning in a suicide note under the players, I is not a split second half is sliced, kill more, leaving a shadow of fear in the hearts of everyone, Every time I see that I raised my suicide note, there is always someone screaming. The ambition has been scattered, even if they are more useless, if not early escape, the final outcome is annihilated. Oriental wild and Regulus et al are also aware of this truth, so they go and ordered the army to retreat. I Lengheng soon, underground passage Today you rarely comes, I'll let you go so really sorry for you, and the life I left it. The wheatgrass release flames of death, the the eight family's people separated Yiyi and at the same time shaking stature, a surprise attack to the Oriental field in the past. You are not just still chasing me? Now it's my turn. Oriental field by surprise, and yet did not dare confront the hurried hurriedly fled with everyone. Well, your speed would also like to escape in my hands? Dreaming! Pro!! Appear strange side in the war, Ouyang the suicide note mercilessly pixia, since no OUYANG war even against the idea, I was to hack. The same time, Yiyi split off the Eastern wild, wheatgrass also Yuwen Long et al. Circle in death flames, leaving only Regulus soft still escape. I Lengheng soon, Huang Shen catch up, swan across a strange arc, to the Regulus soft hack go. Bangzhu ......... snow Homelessness and sword dance roots screaming, rushed rushed to embrace her body to block Regulus soft. "Click" is heard, the snow and the sword dance duo crashed into four Flaring red with blood Su Yi Xuan Yuan soft. Regulus soft froze and slowly turned around, looked at me sad, tears in her eyes, "ruthless, Is your heart only hate, only boundless hatred of the killing in order to defuse your heart? Why? Why can not you little more inclusive? "awe-inspiring:" inclusive, will only make you have such a sanctimonious hypocrites do whatever they want to deal with you, there is only one word, kill, killing you got wind of trembling, shudder, the only way you will not go the persecution of others. "was the thing actually study who wrong us who do not know, why do not you look at it, before you start it?" Regulus Sophie suddenly exposed trace of the nervous smile and said, "I understand you are afraid to go to check, you are afraid of the truth of the matter is not your imagination, you dare to face the truth of the matter, you coward. "Well said:" Well, even if I was a coward and how? your eight family even a coward not as good as hell!! "Jianpi out the Regulus soft, I looked she had not washed off the corpse, coldly:" Regulus soft, I'm not afraid to go to investigate, but do not want to to check, then things Whatever the truth, is not my concern, even if my mother committed the heinous sin, you eight family should not be my mother and impasse, this alone would be sufficient, other what? wrong and how? rightly or wrongly, can not change my mother due to the eight family to death, the fact that it was enough. "all hang eight family who less main, I am no longer interested to kill other people, and recall Xiaobing and reluctant to let them escape to go. "Boss, they will not in collusion and that the cold-blooded, the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in the case of the same interests, you can not fail to be anti-ah." Road wheatgrass worry. I lengran smile, said: "No harm, if they dare to collusion and cold-blooded, that they can only perish faster Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Cheap." In reality, black and white Office of the Chairman of the Group, I sat quietly smoking office. Black-and-white double-demon and a clear sky the moon are busy in the game, Heiyao stay in their own created double demon will Baiyao and clear sky the moon go Longwei City, first-out instructor and Fei go peerless Union, to conduct a comprehensive rectification. This time I let him go and clear sky the moon, and not waste anything, so two people blame me feudal to separate the two of them love. Qinglong to help by Longba rivers and lakes guarding. You do not say, Long Ba rivers and lakes, not to mention others, is that I misjudged. This kid is not an idiot, is not stupid, but deep Ayutthaya. According to Heiyao report, he Longba rivers and lakes the reason why children like a Dandyism have demonstrated in gang affairs, is because he knows absolutely indisputable, however Nie Shaoqi, so he is not to fight. He not only undisputed, but showed almost idiot IQ let Nie Shaoqi empty since hated teeth itch, but only for him to pick up the pieces. According to Longba rivers and lakes to speak, original in days Gokseong he reason why billions of astronomical bought a property of the medium Tears of Blood Blade, it is to the Qinglong help financially for taking the time, although he taken however Nie Shaoqi, but not to say that Qinglong completely give up, he still has some ambition. So evacuated financial dragon in development will inevitably frustrated, he again four enemies, so, Nie Shaoqi will struggle with the forces in the game are bound to instability, he took over the Green Dragon to help much less trouble in the future. . When I listened to Heiyao reporting, the first reaction is to kill the Nieshao Kun love partner too sinister, even I can not let his idiot surface fool, has been not to take him seriously, he did not expect Ayutthaya is so deep Mens Ralph Lauren Sleeved Sale, I would like to Nie Wanlong this looking at the people he grew up, and must allow him to fool, or will not in Nie Shaoqi a dead feel day step on land subsidence and the Qinglong help successors. Door sound is the sound of the ghost world flash in a ceremony, said: "The elders, people bring you back, I bowed, but is also very likely to have been caused by a cold-blooded attention."
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