Attempt chilling the glass or bowl prior

July 11 [Thu], 2013, 14:40
Add the other 3 fourth of a cup of yogurt. You wish to have a lot more yogurt on the major then around the bottom. In case you have as well substantially around the bottom all your cereal and fruit will sink and get soggy in the yogurt. I recommend utilizing plain yogurt so the true flavor on the ingredients come out but if you want to intensify the taste with the fruit then add a flavored yogurt. You can actually substitute a flavored yogurt for any fruit. Serve the dish fresh, preferably appropriate soon after you have ready it. If you happen to don't like I stated the granola or cereal buy rare earth magnets will get soggy.

Attempt chilling the glass or bowl prior to adding the ingredients. It's easy to do (about 30 minutes in the fridge or 10 minutes inside the freezer really should do it) and it keeps your dish cold for longer.

You don't have to use a glass. Try parfait in a bowl, or possibly on a dish. It's all about personal preference.

To reduce down on the magnet manufacturers bulk magnets sugar, use magnet manufacturers plain yogurt. If plain yogurt is as well tangy for you personally, add just a bit of sugar to the reduce up fruit and let it rest slightly though to blend. You could make your very own yogurt parfait as sweet (or not) as you would like.