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December 07 [Sat], 2013, 10:05
Michael Zotti also talked about Ancelotti and Galliani. "Ancelotti normal pressures encountered at Real Madrid, Real Madrid coach must continue to win, otherwise it would be criticized if the win, the crisis will be eliminated if the poor record, the first unhappy that An Qieluo pedicle, criticism does not affect his job to my life in Rome a few months ago, the fans have stopped me on the street, asking me to hurry away De Rossi now, everyone played very Rossi happy ...... "As a broker, Michael Zotti very respected Moggi, the ability to think Galliani close Moggi, because Galliani is now the only Italian who knows how to operate the transfer.

Michael Zotti also talked about Juventus and Real Madrid in the Champions League. "As an Italian, I certainly fuel for the Italian team, especially the urgent need to improve the ranking Serie A UEFA other hand, Florentino also my friend, we know almost 15 years, as well as Ancelotti ... ....

Fortunately, Buffon was a good attitude adjustment, front against Real Madrid Casillas did not forget to bemoan: "I very much appreciate and respect Yi Keer, he is undoubtedly one of the world's best goalkeeper I did not know last year he . Austrian men what happened, certainly not a problem the technical and tactical ability, I understand his ideas, dissatisfaction with the status quo is normal, of course, roshe run men Diego - Lopez is also a first-class goalkeeper, "followed by a response to public opinion blamed himself:" The players are human beings. state inevitably fluctuate, this often happens, I think the state is good, do not worry about public opinion crusade, in this context, I find it difficult to accept the reality of sitting on the bench. "

Even Buffon really not in the state, a battle with Real Madrid is also possible to let him return to the brave. It has a history as a former Juventus and the Italian national team goalkeeper Zoff 1978 - 79 season beginning stages, but also missed a long-range continuous flapping, lambasted by the media, has come into prolonged slump, until four years later at the Bernabeu stadium only against Real Madrid back to the top. Buffon can reproduce history, after the game to be seen.
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