Subsidies directory dominant

April 14 [Sun], 2013, 16:05
Subsidies directory dominant
Promotion and popularization of hybrid cummins engine buses in China started in the two policies issued last year driven.
July 9 last year, the State Council promulgated the "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012 to 2020), the popularizing non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, energy-efficient internal combustion engine vehicles. Two months later, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission jointly issued "on the expansion of the hybrid city bus demonstration and extension of the scope of work notice" to promote the hybrid buses cars (including plug-in hybrid passenger cars) range from 25 thousand ten cities "project demonstration and extension of the city expanded to all cities of the country. For non-pilot cities to promote hybrid buses, the central government will be based on the concentration of the tender results, the relevant units to give a one-time fixed subsidies.
"These two policies, especially the four ministries notice few months to the rapid growth of hybrid passenger car sales has a direct impact and promote." Xiamen Golden Dragon relevant person in charge told reporters. The first quarter of this year, the company's hybrid bus has sold more than last year.
As the central financial subsidies based on financial subsidies hybrid transit dongfeng parts bus demonstration projects to promote shortlist results also proved that mainstream passenger car business advantages. This only 17 companies, a list of 69 models, the large and medium-sized passenger car sales in 2012 ranked the top ten enterprises of seven short-listed models 44 models, accounting for 63.77% of the total number of shortlisted models. Which Kinglong 14 models short-listed finalists, the Yutong and through each car, Suzhou Jinlong 6 vehicles finalists.
She Zhenqing has said that the development of new energy buses need to heritage. Obviously, after the baptism of the "Ten City, 1000" demonstration project, the mainstream passenger car business has its own heritage into the advantages of hybrid buses.
Non-pilot city into a bright spot
Inventory this year, the hybrid bus orders, non-pilot city has become a prominent bright spot.
"2012 China new energy buses Consumer Reports survey results show that of the 16 non-pilot cities, these cities had more passion pure electric bus, the end of last year 772 new energy buses have been put into a pure electric bus 410 vehicles, accounting for 53%. But the situation is changing, hybrid buses large single mainstream business in many non-pilot cities.
From Yutong, four ministries and the promotion of hybrid cummins part buses to be extended throughout the country, they began to receive orders of Hebei Baoding, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Dongguan, Guangdong, more than 20 non-pilot cities over 1000 hybrid buses. Currently, Baoding purchasing 298 hybrid buses in the first batch of 50 has been put into operation.
It is understood that the first quarter of this year, through the orders of the hybrid buses close to last year's sales, mainly from Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other non-pilot cities. Non-pilot city of Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong Zouping compared Suzhou Jinlong large unit of one hundred hybrid buses.
Comes to choosing cars a decisive factor in the non-pilot cities, the the Bus brand Minister of Culture Tock Seng Lee practical demonstration of the vehicle operator is very important. "After 'one thousand ten city' Demonstration pilot city bus company have a more in-depth understanding of each enterprise hybrid buses through the channels of information exchange between the bus company, these will be passed to the non-pilot city bus company "he said.
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