Wang Xueqin embarrassed scratched his

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No. 378 Chapter Inquirer "beats! Beats! Beats! ..." The middle of the night ... nearly four points more minutes. Few days sleep soundly students finally heard the whistle blows emergency legendary collection! After a brief confusion, the students flew to understand their environment, hastened the hectic clothes, knapsacks, some students dressed simply the pursuit of speed buttons do not buckle to pack up the backpack to him back! Of course, in this case of an emergency, wearing the wrong clothes took the wrong shoes can not find socks everywhere and suddenly the house is a mess! Snowball multiplied by Xiaohan mired under the bed the other people do not pay attention, the dogleg of holding the Xiaohan the ankle flex show "little master, if you night march I will always follow you, do not be afraid, Kazakhstan? Ball protection you! "Xiaohan side of the knapsacks edge quipped:" Cut! I have nothing to fear? you are afraid of loneliness, right? Otherwise you into bracelets and hair bulb companion, you want it? "" ...... I'm not afraid alone, thousands of years are over, so a minute is nothing to fear? me to accompany the young master., you do not appreciate the little master, good grief! As for the hair bulb, what really want to, anyway, it is to stay inside Ganoderma bite can not think I do not have it! young master you forget, when I go in the evening bath there seen it! "she jumped up" pair on a pro Xiaohan face: "This is the compensation to the young master! I brush my teeth out!" Xiaohan do not look at this guy to hide under the bed, Joseph shapeless know, people have old elf snowball What would this be? Old stubborn ball? Mrs meters he turned to look at the the Xiaohan agile deft action, sighing breath: Xiaohan, how you doing than others? Too hurt people, I just stack finished box, you are nothing but hang up attachments, really served! "millet sister, Yu Yu Jie, the action quickly, either ginger blackface also angry." Xiaohan said, putting on his backpack a hand to help a few people engaged in agile, ran hurriedly out. Xiao Anita and Jojo long ago by people do not pay attention to secretly find out on his back on the bed wrapped bag, of course, did not forget the quilt pack away in a big bag. Watching Xiaohan et al Jojo and Xiao Anita ran out of quarters, students are still being waged backpack looked confused, and will afford an afternoon practicing Canada Goose Elijah Bomber, Jojo and Xiao Anita the speed has been approaching this the degree? God, they are also counting on two men scapegoat! 15 minutes after the last students finally arrived at the assembly point, Ginger Thai team before standing black face watching them: "You are a snail? Emergency collection in 15 minutes, if you really have anything on your speed to the purpose of ground will later Sanqiu it! here I want to pay tribute to Jojo and Xiao Anita students, we triple girls House instructors said two students had ability is the worst, but this time They used only six minutes came out! speed and real soldiers still immeasurably, but it is the fastest you a batch. shows a what reason? Benniao the first fly will still get good grades! "Then came to the team, poking a parcel of boys:" how do you took a shoe? Did you have only one foot? "eat" laughter "crowd immediately issued . "You do not have to laugh, is also a lot of shortcomings!" Ginger Thai said, pointing a smiling boys: "how is it your clothes, you're the old shepherd of the sheep? Belt a Le thought I would not see out? buttons useless everyone brought clothes sewn on buttons do? cut it! "This belt in his hand going to do? belt, not a hand strap!" Next ginger Thai finds fault the students are numerous, shoelace was not tied good, crooked hat, backpack he poked Cats up, anyway, is what has. Ginger Thai intentionally Xiaohan around turn two laps, the dress really pick anything, and forcibly pulled her backpack, and ultimately found nothing, have no choice but to go to the other students around, but my mind was secretly upset this girl to do what how are watertight? These days no matter that a training her all the best, had originally thought that this emergency collection ability, she let him pick something wrong, I did not think she was the first to run out, and all aspects of the parcel, etc are in full compliance with the requirements. Which makes pulling her pigtail ginger Thai heart like a cat scratch like uncomfortable these days want to understand that he and agnes fall is definitely out of the ghost of this girl, but he had no evidence nor this girl what to do. Can be suffocated He. Mens Canada Goose Langford Parkas...... "Xiao Han, You say that we live in safety here?" Jojo standing the Xiaohan around bewildered looking at the positive and Wang Xueqin Liu meters tent Xiaohan, her big boy, or the first insight outing that she would be very interested to such an environment, to a place like this, but if it is to live here, so humid here, can it work? Xiaohan comforting pat Jojo: "while we look for some hay, no nearby can go to the village to borrow or you can buy directly with the villagers, shop in the following should be all right, this land is wet a few days of rain causes , not up from the bottom through, rest assured! the "Jojo uncertain looked Xiaohan:" this place will not snakes, small insects? when sleep will not bite? I fear these things! "" I'm also afraid of these things you say, but have come here Air Max 360 Mens Shoes, what? here with some insect repellent, for a moment outside the tent sprinkled with, should have nothing children! "Xiao Anita dissatisfaction pouting pouting:" Xiaoya, you say the leaders nor the possession, leaving Thai ginger lead as training special forces like training Let not the leadership who are not afraid to let down the root cause? " Oona interjected: "training special forces? Anita, you do not dream, if the training special forces so easily, it can not be called a special forces, our training and others a ratio that is drizzle not even drizzle are not really "Nana, you participated in? listen to you mean if you experienced similar!" Xiao Anita spoke surveyed Oona: "But you are in the military training you say you participated I also believe there Xiaoya Xiaohan smiled and shook his head: "I did not participate in" Having pulled out, still is a signal, and could not help but sigh loudly, I hope everything is OK, Fang Chu. They entire 56 km forced march started from the the emergency collection after last night, with the front Lancer fainted learned, Thai ginger did not dare too far touches to rest in the middle a few times, until the next afternoon to close five points before reaching the destination - a beautiful mountains of the foot of the mountain. Mountain next to a small village, we have to rest for a night here, times before the line two kilometers into the field firing training field to field firing exercises, which is actually very attractive to boys and girls what this mostly meters feeling. Since into the mountains, the phone has no signal, now the Xiaohan especially regret not bring Ebony to her special satellite telephone bid, she taking into account the sensitivity of their identity, afraid to bring trouble to the party grandfather has been useless, I knew She put it pity, regret it did not sell. Xiaohan, you go to rest, I'll help you tent! "Ning vibration Xiaohan the hands of the strut removed. The Xiaohan react embarrassed smile: "just wander on your tent set for it?" Fast behind the part they can do, I'll come find you ! "Ning Zhen said, and shook his head:" This is what the girls doing live. "Xiao Anita quipped:" I would rather grass, you want to say this Xiaohan living? "Ning vibration of the surface do not change color to see Xiao Anita: "Yeah, Xiaohan dense East Middle School a group of all graduating students protected baby!" Xiao Anita Staveley: "I would rather grass, you are dishonest, clearly you want to protect yourself Xiaoya. they go onto others, no wonder Xiaohan not vote for you! "Xiaohan awkward look Ning vibration wrist:" Sister Anita What're you talking about! "Ning vibration laughing a laugh: Xiaohan, all right, I withstand, she said, I really was not good enough is not enough decisive, or else it will not come today so you hate! "Ning vibration voice down, Xiao Anita Liu meters and others are secretly wars Xiaohan not think Ning vibration, even such a straightforward to see Xiaoya how to deal with? Xiaohan was faint smiled and did not say anything, took Wang Xueqin go to the village by hay go a long land under the rain, even if there is moisture pad is uncomfortable, she just took the ebony special anthelmintic and scatter them in the hay, there is absolutely no insect harassment. Wang Xueqin tangled for a while and finally asked: Xiaohan, I have not the nerve to ask, the Ning vibration and you in the end how to? "The Xiaohan saw Wang Xueqin one:" Xueqin, what you want to say, directly speak Xiaohan displeasure! "Wang Xueqin embarrassed scratched his head:" Xiaohan, I'm not trying to say, I just looked rather vibration so feel pitiful, in fact, he is really good! " to Wang Xueqin: "What do you mean Fang Chu, and I broke up to accept Ning vibration?" She knew Ning vibration, Wang Xueqin has been a very good impression, but as her friend, knowing she has identified Fang Chu and relationship, how can I say this? Wang Xueqin urgent waved their hands: Xiaohan, do not get me wrong, I do not mean that, I know Fang Chu very good, but ...... Oh, I do not know how to say it! "Then the chagrin of hanging his head, she really did not mean to, just to see the look of Ning vibration that careful Olympus, she could not help but say. Seeking pink warm! End of the month, pro pink rewarded to warm it, warm to need all the encouragement and support. Weak weak pro reward points pink, I'll add more, it really? Course pink plus more I full complement, it is estimated that the cold like agile tomorrow I should strive codeword! (warm more sent to pro login genuine warm subscribers, a chapter of a few cents, but the warm biggest encouragement, warm thank you subscribed pro, thank you pro cast pink, warm collective bow and thank the! a warm weak weak Qiuqin are pink in the hands of each vote! recommend! collection!) book group: 56,282,164 Xiaohan. Love bright authentication method: your number. Did not seek to verify the ID refuse into. ! ~!
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