Common identification methods of sterling silver jewelry pendants

November 15 [Tue], 2011, 11:47
Since ancient times, silver and silver jewelry has always been very popular. Sterling silver jewelry can be worn to give a clean, uncluttered feel. Silver can be worn in the ancient legend of evil, so their kids since ancient times the custom of wearing silver jewelry can not only eliminate and also can ward off evil. Now there is a saying: "Silver jewelry can produce a range of magnetic field, the release of silver ions, excitation energy, on the human body play a role in health care, "and so some of the argument. Here are just following tips to identify sterling silver jewelry pendants.

Color method: look white and shiny, delicate workmanship and printed with store numbers, most of the fineness of a good product. Because of the higher purity of silver, the silver more white, the shiny surface profile fine uniform with polish.

Bending method: hand-off of silver light silver pendant, easy to bend easily broken fineness; rigid and barely moving off the lower fineness; by bending or hammer a few packets will be split for silver jewelry; cannot stand light fold, and easy to break for the fakes.

Casting method: silver sterling silver jewelry pendants cast down from the board in Taiwan, jumping is not high, smooth voice was high-purity silver sterling silver jewelry pendants; throwing the board in Taiwan's high jump, sharp bright sound for or fineness low false silver jewelry.

Nitric acid identification method: glass rod was used to file nitrate drops in silver pendant mouth, showing brown color, slightly higher purity green; was dark green, black, lower purity.

Jewelry Weight: silver density slightly larger than the average common metal, generally speaking: "aluminum light weight silver, copper does not light nor heavy." Thus make sure whether the weight of silver to make their initial judgments. If sterling silver jewelry pendants larger and lighter, you can determine the initial case of other metals sterling silver jewelry pendantss.
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