The story of the frog and lamb

April 20 [Sat], 2013, 15:41

A swan spreading its wings in the blue sky Fly Fly, Cheap mulberry bags from time to time looking down to the earth. Oh, she was in search of water. Soon, finally found a virgin forest water, swan light falls on the pond, and beauty in the water most of the day before shuffles on the shore.
Unfortunately, her foot into a sleeping frog. The Swan this step, the frog awakened. The frog felt by a great insult. Thus, the frog looked up, said: "What do you do to eat, did not see me sleeping? Actually stepped on me, asshole!" "I'm sorry, Mr. Frog, then I will pay attention to the" Swan ashamed to say, and then fly away.
Frog feel under great grievances, and mulberry bag heart depressed. At this time, the long grass at the side of the speaker: "Mr. Frog, you know, too much attention, The Swan only stepped on your foot resentment, hurt exports, and you stepped on me how much it according to you, I resent you what month it! "frog listening to these words, feel a little truth, she felt a little regret. Thus, home alone thinking went.
Night, the frog lying in bed tossing and turning, mulberry bags feel that they do so is really wrong. No matter what you want to learn to understand others, to forgive, do not care about, to have a forgiving heart.
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