stressed out 

March 12 [Thu], 2009, 21:09
bleeed bleed bleed FREAKING BLEED ALREADY!
i need this to happen.
REALLY soon.
i'm freaking out.
i'm mad upset.
i'm so so sorry.
i'm stupid.
i'm loosing my mind.
so many questions are going through my head.
i need to bleed now.
i'm showing all the sign.
just no blood.
what the hell, eh?
i'm pissed.
i'm going crazy.
i think i need to sleep.

i'm falling behind in everything school related. and EVERYONE outside of my school friends is giving me crap about my relationship. no one seems to care if i'm happy or not.
i mean, they're not in this relationship...i am. people need to lay off. so what if he's not the same religion, ethnicity, or if we're extremely affectionate? it doesn't concern you. i love him. piss off.

God almighty i need some help. I feel like i'm about to crash and burn. Hard.


March 05 [Thu], 2009, 15:12
i'm sick as a dog mann.
not fun.

the whole "kissing contest" at BAGLY wasn't such a good idea afterall.

lol and i like killed Boo last night with questions and pessimistic worries.
i think she told me i was fine about 10 times. lawl, gomen...

so...i'm pretty much stuck here, either on my couch or bed, boerd as a potatoe, and i think i have strep or the flu. ICKKK!!!

meep, mommy's home and she's gonna take care of mee. yayyy!!!!
i miss boyfriend-chaaaaaaan

i really want my nose peirced. 

February 21 [Sat], 2009, 21:33
my friend Gen said that i had the perfect nose for it, i really want something else peirced. i'm soo obsessed with peircings. it's kinda not healthy. haha.

Badmash and I made dinner today. it was yummy. beef and rice.

we also went to Game Stop and looked at DS's and SP games. freaking gameboys and ipods makes new versions every year. it's annoying as hell. the new DSi has two cameras, wifi, and only plays DS games. the previous generation was thin and played both DS and Advanced games. WTF! i don't get it.

i kinda want one, even though i have a gameboy sp. acked. decisions. decisions.
my pokemon gold died again.


February 19 [Thu], 2009, 21:14
yeahhhh, my day was great. spent it all with boyfriend-chan.


i failed at making eggs 3 times this moring. i gave up and had cereal. it was great. Zia and i were being lazy asses together. we were planning on going out for lunch but that never happend....haha x3.

instead we took naps, talked, and watched Billy Madison. my IQ dropped 10 points, but, in the end, it was worth it.
he fixed my Pokemon Gold gameboy game!!! i'm so happy. all he had to do was touch it. he's magic. i love him.
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