Better Buy: Applied or New Sporting Equipment?

December 29 [Sun], 2013, 17:44
It is quite true that sports shop in singapore equipment could be extremely expensive. when a family has young ones who are engaged with many different activities, your money could drain up much easily . Hence, saving money by using used sports goods is very essential especially in the recent years.However, there are several things that you need to consider when buying second hand sporting goods and exercise equipment.
Brand of the equipment
Buying sports equipment with brand name will save you a lot of money in the future. Purchasing cheaper gear on the other hand usually leads to a cheap and low quality item which may not last long unlike popular brands.
Is it a great deal?
If you aim to save money by buying used equipment, it's essential to know if what you're buying is truly a great deal. You may find it difficult to know, not unless if you have something that you can compare to what you're about to buy or if you are buying a used equipment which is rare to find. You need to search the type and kind of equipment you want to buy then you can check it online to find out the price. Used products often have prices which are negotiable. Hence, you can always ask for a discount especially if the seller is accommodating.
Safe transaction
Acquiring used items may cut the cost of your expenses. But, you must be cautious when picking which items are safe to buy used as well as which item is best bought new. Majority of the used sporting goods are of good quality and functional. However, with regards to buying protective gears, it better to choose a new item to ensure safety.

Many sporting gear and clothing must be replaced as the kids aged. Helmets for example are types of items that must be disposed after a given period. Helmet in particular is an important piece that must be structurally maintained including its parts that are not very much visible. After all, you wouldn’t the head of your child to be injured, that is why you see to it that they protect their head by wearing a helmet. The money that you save is not as important as you child's safety. Hence, when buying a helmet make sure that you are buying that is worth it.


It's ok to buy used footgear if you can inspect or actually see the footwear before purchasing it. But, if you are planning to buy it online, you must be very cautious most especially when you buy ice skates, cleats and shoes. When buying always avoid those with wear and tear since Singapore sport shop shoes are used for support. You must always see the footwear before you consider buying it. When buying hockey skates, you should also inspect the outer covering because it will serve as your protection from sticks, other skate blades and pucks.
Pads offer protection. Therefore if you see cracks on the other shell or some defect on the protective cushion odds are they do not truly offer much protection anymore. Note that pads are very used and are essential in contact sports such as soccer. Therefore , it may be a good idea to buy new pads just to be safe.
Baseball bats/ Softball
Bats tend to be more expensive more than what you think. Even so, buying second hand items may impact your performance. Over time, bats may not be as effective as what they used to be and they become more difficult to use. When buying used bats, always check for bends, dents and other damages.
Second hand sports gear have become a popular purchase, apparently it's because you can save a lot of money when buying these items. However, you need to be familiar with the things to do before you shop for used items to ensure safety and quality.
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