October 26 [Fri], 2007, 4:55
Woo! Yet again, it's been a while since I updated! It's hard to work Yaplog because it takes a long time to load text...so I get impatient. It's also very limited on the number of characters! BAH! Not cool!

Well, anyhow, I'll be leaving in December.
On the 19th, to be exact. I'll be going to Florida, even though I really don't fucking want to, but I have no choice.

If I don't get my new camera before then, I'm not going. I'm not interested in the amount of money that may have been wasted on the ticket, NO CAMERA = NO TRIP. GOT THAT?! GOOD!



That is all.


October 04 [Thu], 2007, 0:14

I haven't updated my Yaplog for such a long time!!! I guess I forgot about it since I use LJ and DA more than anything else.

Well, nothing much has been going on.

As for school: いきらい !!ほんとうにいきらいです ! ヾ(≧Д≦)ノ I can't stand particular idiotic freshmen. さいてい! ばか! しまった ! But all in all, I'll make the best of the class............and get a lot of fun out of it too.

I'm waiting for a shipment of my fuzzy leg warmers...I ordered it on 9/23, and something unfortunate happened to the store owner so I don't know if I'll be getting it or not. (T_T)

That picture was for 80s Day yesterday (in school). Some people did a really cool job...others just failed.

I think I'll make that a regular outfit for myself.

Anyhow, aside from bothersome school, I've made a few things. Check out my DeviantArt to check it out! (^-^)/

Maybe I should pay more mind to my Yaplog! There are people who don't have a LJ or DA like me, so I may just TRY to keep my Yaplog alive. (^^;)

An update! (^-^) 

August 22 [Wed], 2007, 0:14

誕生日おめでとう逹瑯 (ムック)!


Well, good news: my 着ぐるみ came yesterday!! O(≧∇≦)O I knew it was going to come! When it came, I took a shower and washed my hair (it was in need of a good scrub-down!) then blow-dried it. After that, I painted my nails and went outside with my kigurumi to take pictures!! (≧∇≦) Haha, I'm such a cam-whore!

I also like to take pictures of the outdoors~! Maybe I was supposed to be a photographer instead, huh? (^-^;) Well, I have to keep going in my life to see what I really want to be. Right now, well, since 6th grade, I wanted to be a English teacher in Japan. So I've been doing my best in learning Japanese since then!

Whoops! I went off-topic, huh? Nyaa, I should stop doing that that! Well, anyway, I went outside with my sister~! She got a tiger kigurumi and I have the panda one! We took a lot of fun pictures outside~! We did on video outside. It was really random and weird! I posted it on my LJ and people seem to think it was cute. (^-^) Well, that's good! I like to have fun and entertain people while doing it! It's generally unintentional though. (^-^;;)

Hm...after having some kigurumi photo session with my sister, we went back inside and just sat around in our kigurumi! XD

We watched The Host in our kigurumi! The movie wasn't scary, though I'm not sure if it was supposed to be. XD ええと...(=3=)...ええと....OH. When my sister went outside to take out the garbage, the ice cream man came by and stared at her like "WHAT THE HECK? (⊙∀⊙)" XD;;; That was funny!

Well, I have nothing else to write. (=3=) I think I have to clean the basement (mine and my sister's part of the house). (.___.)

I need the school schedule!!!!! (TДT)


August 14 [Tue], 2007, 7:07
I blame Panda. (@_@)

So we bought the kigurumi! Panda kigurumi for me and a tiger one for my sister! It's quite expensive but I am pleased. (^-^) At least I don't have to ask for anything on my birthday from my parents. *nods* I do hope my dad is well. (=3=)

Well, I hope it comes on Saturday or Monday! *nods* I'm so excited!

Aside from shopping, I'm almost finished with reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles on SparkNotes. I don't like the book at all. :| It's not the least bit interesting. (@_@) Hurr...I just have to finish one more section then I can write that 350-word essay on if her fate was predestined or was she able to change it. I already know the answer to that but I have to finish the book just because. (T_T;)
Since I'm on the topic of school work, I have a Global Studies project to do and I really need last week's paper!!! I haven't started doing any of the articles because I'm super lazy and I have 0 interest in doing it. XD Oops? Well, when I get it done, I'll feel joyous. XD!!!

Umm...well...that's it!
Must wait less than an hour more for Storm Hawks to come on! o(≧ω≦)o Yay~


August 08 [Wed], 2007, 3:57
こんにちわ ~!


Some rain would be nice though.
I really have nothing write about..T_T Sad.
I mean, I do, but I do it all on my LiveJournal so that I don't bother with it here on my Yaplog.

Well, if LiveJournal pisses me off enough with their boldout crap, I'll end up using Yaplog as my new "LiveJournal".

So for now, I will just be...going back and forth...? ^-^

Well, that's all..XD



July 23 [Mon], 2007, 22:54
I'm baaack~

I'm not sure how to update about my vacation to DR (Dominican Republic)...I'm probably going to settle on making an entry for each 2 or 3 days (depending on the length). It's hard to update about my day if I can only fit 5,000 characters, dearest Yaplog. (-_-) Well I can work around it..somewhat. XD

Right now it's raining, which is wonderful because I love rain. (^3^)

Well, I'll start the updating either later today or tomorrow.
I also have to unpack. (@_@)
And clean...WOO do I have to clean! It's a mess and we've been gone for only 3 weeks. (O_o) Damn rats...we need to fumigate this house and kill all that's living in it. \(>0<)/

...That is all...for now. (=3=)

Long update~ 

June 26 [Tue], 2007, 8:20
~~~ヾ(^∇^) こんばんはー♪

I couldn't update about yesterday because that would be a really long update. (^-^;;) *lazy* And so was the day after that so I will summarize.

Saturday: My family and I first went to OPTICS, which deals with eyes and the likes. My glasses broke a few days ago so that's why we went there. I walked around a lot, trying glasses on. Here are the pictures:

XD Oh dear. I really liked the purple frames (the last picture) but I couldn't get them because my current prescribed glass didn't fit in it. (T_T)

I had to leave my glasses there because apparently they need to be "left over night". (-_-) Pshaw. Then we went to Manhattan. My mother returned shirts over there at DEE DEES to do so. She had to get a shirt that was $5.99 since the store wouldn't accept it back and pay her back. I wandered around a lot and took some more pictures.

From DEE DEES we went out to eat at some pizza place. After that, we had to go to the dentist (where my dad went earlier that day) to get one of his temporary teeth glued back in.

During the wait, my sister and I fooled around with my digital camera. (^3^)
When my dad was done, we went to Queens to get the cake we ordered on Friday. I even got a free little cake.

Sunday: I went over to Ashleyちゃん's house and my sister tagged along...due to force. I'm not sure if my sister had fun, but I know I did! At first, while I was finishing Ashleyちゃん's early birthday card, her twin sisters were well-behaved. When I finished that, they kept saying "Make me one!" (X_X) I didn't draw them a geisha, but I drew them into chibi form. XD They were questioning me on how I can draw like that and why do they look like that. (-.-)
After I finished the card, I got one of the twins to give the birthday present and card to Ashleyちゃん. XD;
Then I spent time with Ashleyちゃん~! We watched some MIB (my sister was watching it at first) then Shrek came on. I ended up walking away with Ashleyちゃん to her room. XD; She has a lot of pictures from that CURE magazine with Miku on it. (-_-;;) I would never rip out anything from my magazines...only the poster. XD

AS FOR TODAY...........
I cleaned the patio with my sister.
Cleaned the kitchen floor.
Ate white rice and a chopped up chicken patty.
Then 2 burgers from Checkers.



June 23 [Sat], 2007, 8:24

My haircut is not, at first, what I wanted but Joeさん wouldn't let me butcher my "pretty" hair. (T_T)
So instead, this is what I got instead of this:

What's really amusing to me now is that I can't finally do that mini pigtails that some people are able to do with their hair. (^_____^) That's super cute, I swear. XD And I have like...the redundant hairstyle for Decora..xD;;;; Yay~? :D?
So at the time I am very pleased with my hair.
Hopefully, another time, I will me able to butcher my hair. :D

(Ew, I look gross here. D:) I have more pictures, but they're really for my mood theme so I won't post them. XD;

Tomorrow we're going out again to pick up cake (I'm getting a specially made mini cake) from this lady that always walks into the salon. (^-^) We got a cake from her, it was a pound for $15, and man was it big! (O_O;;;) So, I get a special tiny one that's plain. YAY!!! *shouldn't be eating any cake due to being on a diet* (T_T;;)
I'm going to buy Bed Head (a hair spray that's supposed to be good for sticking up hair every-which-way) tomorrow. (^-^)y

Well, I have nothing else to update about. (^-^;)

A haircut?! YAY, MUCH? :D 

June 22 [Fri], 2007, 7:19
だいきらい,マークボズ .ほんとうにきらい . どかしんでください!?
Better yet, how about for everyone's sake? Hmm? That's nice, right? およびジョン. (>_<)

Today was rather tiresome. (T_T) I mowed the front lawn...which...is the reason why today was so tiresome. (^0^;;) After that, I washed my hair then blow-dried it. My mom told me that I'm going to get a haircut, so....XD; I already know what I'm getting~! I have a picture already. I hope I am getting it done tomorrow!

There it is! :D

Oh and...uh...(=.=)y I've started to watch "こげぱん"!! I love him! (T3T) Oh, and Chiekoちゃん showed me "焼きたて!!ジャぱん"!! :3 愛してる. (;0;)

Well, that is all! I'll probably look for some Gaki no Tsukai episodes to watch!



June 21 [Thu], 2007, 9:10

I took my LIV ENV regents and I must admit that it was AWFULLY easy. There was some questions that made me go "(O_O;;;) EH?!??!" but now that I think about them, I know what it means now. XD;
And what disturbed me is a teacher from my junior high school was there and he still remembers me. He came over to collect my test:

Spence先生: Are you don--HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~! :D
Me: (o_o) .................
Spence先生: Hey~! How are you doing?
Me: (o_o) Hi...
Spence先生: Remember me?
Me: (o_o;;;) Somewhat. *lying, but didn't show it*
Spence先生: **** right? Or is it "Sunny"?
Me: ****..
Spence先生: :D!! Ah! Well, you're done?
Me: ...Yes.
Spence先生: Completely, absolutely done?
Me: Yes.......(>_____>)
Spence先生: *checks my regents*
Me: (-_-;)

...ばか... (>_>)

After the regents, I walked home in the rain! POURING RAIN!!! たのしいです! うれしい!!! (^3^) I liked the feeling of being alone, walking down the streets to get home! かっこいい!!! I was listening to music while I was walking all alone. (^.^) And the feeling of passing my old school (that I hated and still do hate) was...kind of like...a scene that belonged in the movies. (n_n;;) When the rain started to come down hard, I started to run...I just...really liked the feeling. I hope I can do it again. XD

Well, today, I did nothing. (^-^) I really wasn't in the mood, but tomorrow I have to mow the lawn and do a few more things for my dad while he's at work. *sighs* The whole day, I literally was watching lots and lots of Gaki no Tsukai.

I had pancakes for breakfast and ramen for lunch.

Also, I had the last bit of cake and some ice cream with it~! おいしい ~!!!! I wish I could eat like that every day. (T_T) Sadly, I cannot. (T_T)


Why do I look really small? Oh, yesterday, I took some pictures for my LJ mood theme~! The dork/geek/nerdy ones were pretty cute. XD I really liked the outfit I made up for it.
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