Only seven of the perimeter 1 book hao to uncover soft rib practice must jump shots, more sharp forests

December 18 [Tue], 2012, 15:04
In the past two games, LinShuHao present on some out of one's mind, in his own words, he played one doesn't like his own. The nature of the LinShuHao what kind of? Constantly pick-and-roll, or breakthrough impact basket or directly jump shot, free throw line free throws. But this season's LinShuHao, pick and reduce the proportion of the perimeter jumpers accuracy plummeted in near the basket (3-9 feet point) of hand, shot has declined.
And the game, in the LinShuHao paint a total of eight shots in August, the knicks defense strength is not enough reason, on the one hand, LinShuHao knee condition is getting better and better, the breakthrough damage is more and more big is more important. His layup, many are forced out after the break, such as the second quarter break the knicks three containment, facing the chandler hits the ball, is the most typical example.
It can be seen that in the end of LinShuHao near the basket ability, have basic back, especially in the basket. So far, he is in the basket of shots, hit chance, have to ascend, averaging 4 + shots, can hit 2.5 ball, shooting nearly 6 into, even higher than last season.
But in the LinShuHao perimeter jumpers accuracy, is still in a state of loss. This season he in 10-15 feet shot only 30%, plunged 18%, he at 16-23 feet place shooting only 25%, also fell 18%, the 3-point percentage but only 31.7% only.
The game, LinShuHao cosco distance in a total of seven shots hit only 1 ball, in addition to HuDing that 3-pointers, LinShuHao other 6 times all outside shot to end the iron is hot, this fully revealed its perimeter jumpers unstable weaknesses. The perimeter jumpers are not allowed to the season, haring combination not compatible, LinShuHao personal data declining cause.
Through the adjustment, let LinShuHao ball more, reduce the point of catch jumpers, more let haddon use without the ball attack, it can let haring combination temporarily out of incompatible question, let the backcourt mate harmony. But in the long run, this play, there are also suspected of waste haddon organization talent, if LinShuHao ascension jumper ability, haring repeatedly organization, frequent switch roles, then haring combination of power will inevitably can get great ascension.