The Top Anime Prop Sword Art Online Kirito Sword

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 17:13

Sword Art Online is Kawahara's work and he has another representative as "Accelerated World", ABEC illustration popular light novels. With the start of animation, Sword Art Online's popular rapid growth, before we had the sword art online kirito sword amazon sales growth trend, compare it with " magic " Ban made the comparison, now looks like, " the sword of God the same domain " created " toaru majutsu no index " animation during the period of light novels sales boom the eleventh volume, and this is " start " and a new chapter, presumably readers have been expecting for a long time.

Next, while " the New Testament toaru majutsu no index " volume fifth failed to reach monthly sales of the first, but still shows its strong fighting capacity, with very little difference in the "Sword Art Online ". And because the " Sword Art Online " has the effect of addition, so can't determine the " Sword Art Online " popularity " ban " beyond the magic, the real competition is behind. From another point of view, " Sword Art Online " will continue to be the domain of novel animation is not certain, but the " magic index " is bound to continue to launch the sequel, the animation.