"Snow Romance" beat Miyazaki "windy" get chopped 86th Oscar

March 03 [Mon], 2014, 16:52
Just, 86th Annual Academy announced the final list of winners for best animated feature film and short film by Walt Disney Studios film company released the animated film "Snow Romance" no suspense was won 86th Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film Award, and animated short films from France, " Mr. Habu Luo, "won the 86th annual Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. PARTICIPATING Miyazaki new work "windy" the particles uncollected.
Oscar biggest winner is "gravity" is sweeping the Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Remix, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score 7 Awards . This time, the best film award from the movie "twelve years of slavery" to obtain.
The animated film "Snow Romance" by Chris Barker and Jennifer Lee directed by Kristen Bell, Yi Dina · Menzel, Jonathan Grove and other dubbing. Based on the story "Snow Queen" animated film adaptation of anime costumes Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the film tells the story of Aisha inherit the throne after her sister, her magic uncontrolled frozen earth. In order to break the curse Aisha icy, optimistic fearless sister Anna to come forward, and love of adventure mountain Kristof and his reindeer team mate off, and begin some magic endless journey twists and turns of the story.
Animated short film " Mr. Habu Luo, " directed by Laurent Horowitz Piga Ace Alexander Gonzalez, tells the story of the building was filled with the breath of the long history of the old house, the owner of the house, Mr. Habu Luo stick his head housing, working and living room are all done in the bucket. But his quiet life was boring piece disrupted dog, puppy curled up in the corner, timid and helpless. Two consecutive days, Haluo Fu have been sidetracked by the sound of the dog. Seeing the dog was about to be destroyed garbage trucks, the fear of stepping through the doorway, Mr. decide courage to go out .
86th Academy Awards is a 2013 film performances and recognition of achievement awards produced by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is responsible for issuing. Awards ceremony on March 2, 2014, held in Los Angeles, California, Hollywood's Dolby Theatre.