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August 06 [Wed], 2014, 14:36
etty shocked the world. In 2008 Novembe leather corset r, he was with his beautiful wife Yang Yun boarded the "super visit" stage, offbeat nature in a most beautiful way to let everybody surprised the world champion ""! Yang Wei's future is full of surprises 2008 the success of the Beijing Olympic Games ended, the focus of attention, the future direction of development than the world champion Yang Wei. In the "super visit" program, Li Jing Dai Jun put the enthusiastic audience for many kinds of way of sorting out the top design, one one torture! But for this problem, Yang Wei several times to try to avoid, but not to "succeed", this vague said: "what you have just said is wrong!" Stalemate until the end, and his fiancee Yang Yun to defuse the embarrassment, we solved the mystery, leather corset did not think of, this result was beyond everyone's expectations...... Shenxianjuanlv almost part company each going his own way a lot of people do not know, in the Yang Wei Yang Yun sweet feelings of the world, also appea
red in one episode, and it was another two people to a stranger. "Yang Yun telephoned to me, I say we broke up......" Hear Yang Wei say this sentence, Yang Yun still felt wronged. In order to deal with Yang Yun's mood, Li Jing Dai Jun let Yang Wei put the things give chapter and verse for speaking out, in Yang Wei's telling, the scene audience is issued "a legend too!" The feeling, as Yang Wei said to break up with Yang Yun the "unique tips", even leather corset the host is a surprise! "Yang Wei gave me a hand!" looks a little serious Yang Wei, in fact, in the words of Yang Yun is "very like funny"! Yang Yun said, "Yang Wei once gave his hand"!! This gift is to let Yang Yunxia have several days did not sleep well! Didn't expect Yang leather corset Wei to have changed his countenance, and said angrily, "you don't look at that hand!" In Yang Wei's interpretation, we know that the hand holds a huge secret!! The secret, in addition to Yang Wei, there is no second people know...... Yang Wei Yang Yun for the first tim