Corning USB 3.0 Cables Started Selling

April 17 [Thu], 2014, 17:26

April 17, 2014, Corning has announced that its high-speed USB 3.0 cable has started selling. Its theoretical maximum transfer rate is 5 Gbps, and the longest specification of length can be up to 30 meters.


Compared with traditional copper cable, USB 3.0 fiber optic cable has a 80% reduction in weight, and the thickness is decreased by 50%. At the same time, the cable has strong ability of bending fold, and can accept normal use within the scope of the bundle and extrusion.

Bernhard Deutsch, Corning’s vice-president, said in a statement: “Imagine that you are facing the company’s computer, but the backup hard disk, printer, or other peripheral devices that you need are in different rooms. By using USB 3.0 cables you can still enjoy the incredible transfer rates. In addition to storage disk, digital camera, video camera, Corning also focus on retail point-of-sale systems, remote control of medical equipment, and industrial automation equipment applications.”


At present, USB 3.0 cable sales are starting at $109.99, which may be by far the most expensive USB 3.0 cable. Corning USB 3.0 cable is compatible with USB 2.0 at the same time, adopting Corning’s unique optical fiber technology (ClearCurve VSDN), and built-in ASIC for specialized development.

At present, Corning USB 3.0 cable has determined to enter the stage of sales. Through Amazon or other online shopping sites in the United States, consumers can place the orders. What the consumers should be aware is that, Corning USB 3.0 cable is only a data transmission cable, it can’t be used to charge for the iPhone, iPad, or other devices.

In fact, in January 2013, on the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the USB 3.0 cable has been published together with the Thunderbolt cable. Thunderbolt fiber optic cables have been on sale on the Apple online store since last October, when the 33 inches / 10 m version cost $329.95.

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