love and family

December 19 [Thu], 2013, 16:25

Wang Guozhen said: "since the choice of the distance, will only hardships, I don't want to love can win, since in favour of rose, bravely tell the good faith. I don't think I woundn't care, since the goal is the horizon, there only left back. I do not think the future is smooth or muddy, as long as the love of life, everything, all by surprise." Wang Guozhen's poetic language, the life of persistence and not regret. This is love and and a kind of life, the life should be so: with a cloud of Zen, talk about life, lau

His sincerity, smile smile. Love is a forever theme of life. If you and him wading in love, he is your warm, he is your thousands of songs. If you love him, you is still unaware, you bravely tell the good faith! Life long flexor calculation, at most, only tens of thousands of days; people, like the pot flowers, flowers and sometimes, the flower falls silent; cherish your edge, cherish the love this life; life pass, it is thousands of times we meant to return, the edge to edge is fixed, but can leave hold your hands that hold sand, is your sincerity and wisdom. The latter three thousand just take a drink, red bean grains of Acacia are the heart of the phantom, charming and ev

After the storm, the deep love and. A person no matter how childhood family, mostly know Chai Migui, said each person's childhood is be light of heart from care that may be far fetched, but, now most of the children still do not have to worry about the family; especially to the child age, as parents in order to make the family better, to make the children happy, have a good future, basically is an old life, at the original capitaldata centre, like the rock eagle wings, soar to more head to prey on the rock, fly back to the nest feeding the eagles cry piteously for food. Bear bitter hardships taste, swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load of suffering, soaring prices prices, gap gap between rich and poor, parents like mountain orchid, for this home, after several weathered snow, already no longer young. Since Pan Gu created heaven and earth, the goddess patching the sky up to now the streams of people busily coming and going, people are just passing through, no glory, no eternal suffering, life is a process, all through the ages, how many heroes jingzheyao; the vast firmament many busy fall dust. You are just a cup of tea, bubble like or don't like tea. Tea taste bitter or sweet, too, it is a cup of taste the sour, sweet, bitter, hot water, you bring home the bacon, might as well as the taste of a cup of tea with the taste.
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